Millions in Grants, Millions of Marylanders Served

News Release, Governor’s Coordinating Offices

ANNAPOLIS, MD –TheGovernor’s Coordinating Offices– seven formerly independent offices consolidated by Governor Larry Hogan into one unified organization using a shared services business model to reduce costs and connect Marylanders with needed resources statewide – today released their 2019 Impact Report in serving Marylanders. Milestones included more than 1,000 outreach events, facilitating 50,000 volunteer hours with thousands of volunteers, serving 17,000 small businesses, doubling employment rates for the Deaf and hard of hearing, assisting more than 140,000 crime victims, and improved collaboration across all state agencies.

“With nearly $220 million in grants serving our citizens, scores of new partnerships across local, state, and federal jurisdictions, recognition as a Rising Star State by Results for America during a National Governors Association event, and spearheading another successful year of theGovernor’s Customer Service Initiative, the coordinating offices proudly served the citizens of Maryland in 2019,” said Patrick J. Lally, Senior Executive Director of the Governor’s Coordinating Offices. “This work also resulted in a2019 State Service Leadership Awardto Governor Hogan, and Maryland being recognized asthird in the nationfor volunteering and charitable giving.”

The Governor’s Coordinating Offices are equipped to engage in extensive collaboration, coordination, and information sharing across state agencies, departments, and NGOs to build, communicate, and implement services, programs, and policy initiatives that benefit Marylanders on behalf of the Hogan administration. In turn, the Governor has access to real-time knowledge for the needs of Maryland communities. These offices consist of:

  • Governor’s Office for Children
  • Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives
  • Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
  • Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement
  • Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteerism
  • Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs

“One tool the Governor’s Coordinating Offices utilizes to engage, educate, and listen to Marylanders is social media, with over 3 million impressions and 50,000 followers across our platforms in 2019,” said Lally. “We look forward to continuing to connect millions of our citizens to needed resources statewide, and advancing the Hogan administration’s mission for outreach and support to all Marylanders in 2020 and beyond.”

Other highlights include:

Governor’s Office for Children*:

  • Nearly $20 million awarded to Local Management Boards community initiatives
  • Funded more than 100 statewide services
  • Selected as Model State by National Governors Association

Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives:

  • More than 2500 items donated including computers, furniture, backpacks, household items, meal kits, turkeys, school supplies, blankets
  • $8.3 Million in federal surplus property donated to Marylanders in need
  • Volunteer Maryland:
    • 6,100 volunteers mobilized to serve 50,000 hours and 20,000 Marylanders
  • Banneker Douglass Museum:
  • 9,000 visitors to during Year of Frederick Douglass
  • $1 million in grants to preserve African American history and culture

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention:

  • 140,000 crime victims assisted in 2019
  • Provided $193 million in funding for statewide programs in 2019
  • Provided $60 million in victim services grants in 2019
  • 866 children experiencing trauma identified in 16 counties throughHandle with Care Maryland

Governor’s Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing:

  • Employment rates more than doubled for Deaf and hard of hearing employees
  • Over 70 Deaf and hard of hearing-owned business
  • Collaboration across 100 agencies and departments to increase access and opportunities
  • Helped launch statewide “Text to 911” service
  • Served 1.2 million Deaf and hard of hearing Marylanders

Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement:

  • America’s #1 Open Data Portal
  • Collected 160,000 Governor’s Customer Service Initiative surveys from Marylanders: 88% satisfaction rate
  • “Rising Star State”during National Governors Association 2019 Results for America Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence Awards for evidence-based practices

Governor’s Office of Service and Volunteerism:

Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs:

  • 17,000 Maryland small businesses served
  • Hosted 35 training events and procurement connection workshops
  • Participated in 174 statewide outreach events

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David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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