News Release, Charles County Public Information Office

La Plata, MD- Today Charles County obtained an order to enforce the injunction that prohibits X4B, an adult entertainment establishment, from opening for business this weekend. The establishment had been promoting itself as a nightclub with live entertainment in its online advertising through social media.

Charles County Attorney Wes Adams presented evidence that the club planned to open without obtaining a valid Certificate of Use and Occupancy. X4B representatives sought County approval to open a restaurant, but had not been issued a Certificate of Use and Occupancy for that purpose.

The Court ruled that by allowing X4B to open without a valid use and occupancy permit would “flout the established zoning and nullify the County’s authority to enact zoning provisions” that would protect the health safety and welfare of its residents.

Charles County is taking immediate action to secure the premises with the support of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. The Court ruled that the Charles County Sheriff’s Office is authorized to arrest any person violating the injunction. A hearing date to review the injunction is scheduled on Feb. 10, 2020. The nightclub has applied for a new Certificate of Use & Occupancy but has not yet received it because its representatives have not complied with certain requirements in the Resolution.

From the Charles County Sheriff’s Office

In December 2019, the Charles County government obtained a permanent injunction from the Circuit Court for Charles County forbidding Family First Management Group (“X4B”) from using the premises at 7075 Indian Head Highway without proper zoning permits. Historically, these types of zoning violations are handled by qualified County personnel, not by the Sheriff’s Office.      

This afternoon, the Circuit Court for Charles County issued an order prohibiting any person from entering 7075 Indian Head Highway unless accompanied by a County official or by leave of court.  Anyone entering the property in violation of the Court’s order may be subject to arrest. Today, the Sheriff’s Office was granted authorization to enforce the Court’s order denying entry to the premises. 

Directed by Sheriff Troy D. Berry, officers will be deployed to the establishment to enforce the Court order and keep the peace.  “Since this issue began in November, the Sheriff’s Office has been working closely with County officials and has been committed to our mission of ensuring public safety and policing responsibly,” said Sheriff Berry.

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