News Release, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

02/13/20- Andre Derryle Cooper, age 33 of Lexington Park- Violation of Probation/Assault by Dep. Forinash# 344. CASE# 9142-20

Andre Derryle Cooper 

02/13/20- Tinasha Janay Bush, age 22 of Lexington Park– Escape 2nd Degree by Cpl. D. Snyder# 89. CASE# 9043-20

Tinasha Janay Bush

02/14/20- Michael Anthony Deep, age 27 of Lusby– Failure to Appear/Trespass and Violation of Probation/Theft by Dep. Henry# 333. CASE# 9349-20

Michael Anthony Deep 

02/16/20- Glenn Alan Townshend, age 25 of Mechanicsville– Burglary 1st Degree by Cpl. Maloy# 137. CASE# 39348-20

Glenn Alan Townshend 

02/16/20- George Thomas Zollars Jr., age 46 of Mechanicsville– Failure to Appear/Driving Vehicle on Highway Without Required License by Cpl. Kerby# 242. CASE# 9819-20

George Thomas Zollars Jr. 

02/16/20- Randy Aloysius Wathen, age 31 of Leonardtown– Failure to Appear by Cpl. White# 200. CASE# 9741-20

Randy Aloysius Wathen 

02/16/20- Robin Anne Laabs, age 48 of no fixed address- Violation of Probation/Burglary by Dep. Wilson# 370. CASE# 9755-20

Robin Anne Laabs 

02/16/20- Cornelius NMN Fenwick, age 42 of no fixed address– two counts of Failure to Appear/Trespass by Dep. Hersh# 343. CASE# 9842-20

Cornelius NMN Fenwick 

02/17/20- Daquan Gregory Holden, age 24 of Great Mills– Violation of Probation/Robbery by Dep.  Haas# 367. CASE# 9927-20

Daquan Gregory Holden

02/17/20- Cory Michael McAndrew, age 29 of California- Malicious Destruction of Property, Assault 2nd Degree, and Rogue and Vagabond by Sgt. Fleenor# 145. CASE# 8188-20

Cory Michael McAndrew 

02/18/20- Jake Allen Clark, age 30 of California- Violation of Probation/CDS Intent to Distribute by Cpl. Pesante# 153.  CASE# 10206-20

Jake Allen Clark

02/18/20- Timothy Brian Conner, age 56 of no fixed address– Burglary 1st Degree, Motor Vehicle Unlawful Taking, CDS: Possession-Paraphernalia and CDS: Possession- Marijuana plus 10 Grams by Cpl. Pesante# 153. CASE# 10110-20

Timothy Brian Conner

02/18/20- William Harold Galvin Jr., age 29 of Mechanicsville- Driving with Suspended License, Burglary, and Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. Kirkner# 133. CASE# 49128-20

William Harold Galvin Jr. 

02/18/20- Bayyinah Lynn Vaughan, age 44 of Hollywood- Driving While Suspended by Sgt. Fleenor# 145. CASE# 10093-20 (No Photograph Available)

Criminal Citations:

02/14/20- Sheree Denise Kasulaitis, age 52 of Mechanicsville– Theft by Dep. Manns# 275. CASE# 9082-20

02/14/20- Jalonte Dalquan Ford, age 21 of Great Mills– CDS: Possession-Marijuana 10 Grams Plus by Dep. Graves# 354. CASE# 9179-20

02/19/20- Jason David Young, age 42 of Huntingtown– Theft by DFC. Budd# 325. CASE# 10490-20

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