St. Mary’s County man wins fast with Lucky Numbers game

News Release, Maryland Lottery

A Mechanicsville resident who has played Maryland Lottery games for years received a tip this week from his daughter-in-law that was a $50,000 winner. Hank Buckler can thank her and the Lottery’s new FAST PLAY category of games for his biggest-ever prize.

The retired heavy equipment operator is a Lottery veteran, having played and won over the years with just about every type of game available. When he visited the Charlotte Hall gas station where his daughter-in-law works, Hank listened to her suggestion that he try Lucky Numbers, one of the new FAST PLAY games that hit stores on Feb. 10. “I figured that while I was there saying hello that I would get a ticket. Before I could decide which, she showed me FAST PLAY.”

Familiar with the play style of scratch-offs, Hank quickly saw what looked to be a $50,000 match on his $10 Lucky Numbers ticket.

“I knew what I was seeing but I thought maybe this new game had different kinds of rules,” said the 69-year-old. “I handed it to my daughter-in-law to check.” She checked once and then retrieved her glasses to check the ticket more closely.

“When I told him it was real, that he’d won $50,000, he was shocked,” she told Lottery officials. “Then I saw the biggest smile I’d ever seen on him, ear to ear.”

FAST PLAY luck found Mechanicsville’s Hank Buckler, who followed a suggestion to try the new category of Lottery game and won $50,000!

Hank is still figuring out how his FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers winnings will fit into his life. He is sure, however, that the Lottery’s new game category is fantastic and one that he will play often in the future. The happy dad has taken home several significant Lottery prizes over the years but he will not soon forget his lucky FAST PLAY purchase at New Market Citgo. The St. Mary’s County store is located at 29290 Three Notch Road in Charlotte Hall.

Lucky Numbers is one of five FAST PLAY games. FAST PLAY is a new Maryland Lottery product with games that are printed by Lottery terminals and self-service vending machines but play like scratch-offs. Also in the lineup are the $1 Piggy Bank Bucks, $2 Cherry Twist, $3 Treasure Chase and $5 Hit $250 games.

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