News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Elysia Young, a Malcolm Elementary School fourth grader, will represent Charles County at the Maryland Day Celebration on March 21.

Elysia Young, a Malcolm Elementary School fourth-grader, is set to represent Charles County at St. Mary’s City’s annual Maryland Day Celebration.

The March 21 event marks the state’s 386th anniversary with a ceremony, speeches, living history, and museum exhibits. Young will present the Charles County flag during the ceremony.

Each year, Charles County fourth graders are invited to submit an essay on “Why is Charles County a great place to live?” This year, Young’s submission was selected out of 40 entries.

Her mother suggested that she pen an essay for the contest. Young’s friends and teacher, Denise Kennedy, knew she was up to the task.

“Our teacher says if you give Elysia a topic, she can write five paragraphs on it,” Sarah Roszell, Young’s friend, and classmate said.

When Young was told her entry was selected, she was excited. “I was pretty surprised. That many people wrote something and for me to be picked — I thought it was cool,” she said.

Kennedy wasn’t shocked by Young’s accomplishments. “I wasn’t surprised,” she said. “Elysia is very quiet but extremely hard working. She is dedicated and pushes beyond what is expected.”

Young is a member of Malcolm’s Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement (MESA) team and dance team. She counts math as her favorite subject and spends her free time playing video games and reading the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “School for Good and Evil” book series. Her essay focused on the schools in Charles County, the parks, restaurants, and shops. “I was born in Hershey, Pa., nicknamed the Sweetest Place on Earth,” Young wrote. “… It pales in comparison to Charles County.”

Her classmates celebrated when they were told of Young’s success.

“Elysia perseveres,” Roszell said. “She’s smart, too. She can do a lot of things.”

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