By: W.A. Davis, St. Mary’s Arts Council

Our Monday Spotlight is shining brightly on musician Paul F. Murphy!

We had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Murphy on February 29th, 2020 at the 3rd Annual Technology and Arts Expo at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. A multi-talented percussionist, bandleader, and composer, Paul began playing drums as a very young child.

By age 16 he was performing regularly with Duke Ellington’s bass player Billy Taylor followed by many other professional accomplishments in various aspects of his extended career.

Photo credit: Dominic Fragman

Paul is also the talented inventor of “Wicked Chops Practice Pad”, we had a blast trying out the many 1.75” diameter most fun and functional drum pads on display!

Paul Murphy is one of the speakers and artists of “The Spirit of Innovation & Freedom”, an exciting group designed to help people understand and support innovation and positive progress.

Read more about Mr. Murphy and his current endeavors at:

For info about the super-cool practice pads visit: Also, Paul is just a super-nice guy who you really must meet in person, catch him at one of his upcoming events!

Editors Note: The St. Mary’s Arts Council’s Sunday spotlight is published on Sundays, and sent to The Chronicle for a Monday publishing.

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