St. Mary’s County Library has completed a strategic planning process and the final plan is now available for the public to review.

News Release, St. Mary’s County LIbrary

March 2, 2020 – Leonardtown, Md. – After just less than a year of exploration, market research and input from stakeholders, the public and staff, the St. Mary’s County Library is excited to announce the completion of a 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

The strategic planning process was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through a Library Services and Technology Services (LSTA) grant. St. Mary’s County Library surveyed our community to gain a more precise understanding of the community’s needs, interests, and priorities. In addition to surveys, we interviewed many stakeholders to find out how the Library is currently serving the needs and what we can do to continue to improve.

New Mission and Vision statements will help guide the Library over the next five years.

Our Vision: We inform and inspire.

Our Mission: We connect people with ideas and information in a diverse community, valuing opportunity and education for all.

In executing this strategic plan, the St. Mary’s County Library will continue to uphold our core values and guiding principles of education, service, community, and integrity.

The Library will especially focus on five areas:

Area of Focus: Organizational Health

  • Goal 1: Promote a positive working environment
  • Goal 2: Institutionalize the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

Area of Focus: Service to the Community

  • Goal 1: Develop and maintain a dynamic and current collection
  • Goal 2: Enhance our programs and services

Area of Focus: Access

  • Goal 1: Improve access to collections, services, and programs
  • Goal 2: Renovate and/or repurpose existing spaces to meet changing needs

Area of Focus: Technology

  • Goal 1: Stay abreast of current and changing technologies to best serve the community
  • Goal 2: Provide access and training to address the digital divide

Area of Focus: Community Relations

  • Goal 1: Tell the Library’s story
  • Goal 2: Cultivate advantageous partnerships
  • Goal 3: Proactively communicate with our community

“Our plan is the result of an inspiring process, from getting a grant through interviews with community leaders, surveying the public and our employees, and working through many drafts to tighten and focus our priorities,” said Michael Blackwell, Library Director. “Thanks to all who contributed. Now the work begins of realizing our ambitions to excel, with this plan as our guide. St. Mary’s County Library will deliver even more outstanding 21st Century service.”

“The Strategic Plan serves as a framework for future plans and action steps to enhance services to the community, stay relevant to the changing culture and population diversity, and keep pace with technology.” Said Jim Hanley, President of the St. Mary’s County Library Board of Trustees. “Expanding the role of the library as a community center and educational resource and partnering with county organizations with similar aims, we will continue to be central to the personal and professional ambitions and interests of our residents.”

Beth Roth, Library Board Trustee, added “This Plan will provide direction and guidance for now and into the future. It is the product of much thought and collaborative effort.”

The public is welcome to read the entire plan on the Library’s website,

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