News Release, St. Mary’s Ryken High School

On Wednesday, February 26, students who participated in winter season sports were recognized for their athletic and academic achievements. Congratulations to the following students and teams! 

Team Scholar-Athlete Award:  Presented to the team with the highest percentage of student-athletes on the Honor Roll.  This year, the Team Scholar-Athlete Award goes to the Cheerleaders, who had a 90%.

Most Promising Award:  The St. Mary’s Ryken Most Promising Award is chosen by either the coach or by a team vote. The Most Promising Award goes to an underclassman who exhibits strong fundamentals and a good understanding of the game. These student-athletes have the potential to lead their respective programs to future triumphs.

  • For Boys Basketball: Wisdom Rogers
  • For Boys Ice Hockey: Drake Perham
  • For Cheerleading: Bailee Nored
  • For Girls Basketball: Mekhia Chase
  • For Girls Ice Hockey: Carley Tepel
  • For Swimming: Zachary Maldonado
  • For Wrestling: Terrence McCauley

Ryken Award:  The St. Mary’s Ryken Mission: a Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory school community, operated under the Xaverian Brothers’ sponsorship, dedicated to academic excellence and individualized student growth. These scholar-athletes were chosen by their coach or by team vote. These individuals’ best represent our mission both in and out of the athletic arena.

  • For Boys Basketball: Luca Vasile
  • For Boys Ice Hockey: Kyle King
  • For Cheerleading: Vir’Leah Aldridge
  • For Girls Basketball: Taylor Vaughn
  • For Girls Ice Hockey: Morgan Floehr
  • For Swimming: Zachary Longmore
  • For Wrestling: Rodney Jefferson

Coaches’ Award:  The St. Mary’s Ryken Coach’s Award is given to individuals who show great commitment and determination. Chosen by their coaches, these student-athletes show up ready to play every day with a great attitude… A “Winner’s” attitude.

  • For Boys Basketball: Aaron Jasper
  • For Boys Ice Hockey: Robyn Strauss
  • For Cheerleading: Kylie Flerlage
  • For Girls Basketball: Destiny Towns
  • For Girls Ice Hockey: Rhiannon Tamburri
  • For Swimming: Danielle Bouchard
  • For Wrestling: Christopher Albo

MVP Award:  The St. Mary’s Ryken MVP Award goes to the Most Valuable Player of the season. This award was either chosen by the coach or the team. The MVP award is an award representing respect. This award is given to those athletes who best performed in their respective venues for the good of the team.

  • For Boys Basketball: Devin Ceaser
  • For Boys Ice Hockey: Jack Delaney
  • For Cheerleading: Emily Massiglia
  • For Girls Basketball: Chalon Miles
  • For Girls Ice Hockey: Robyn Strauss
  • For Swimming: Samantha Pennel
  • For Wrestling: Mason Buckler

WCAC Honorable Mention:  Grace Raddatz, Katrina Brillantes, Rhiannon Tamburri, Destiny Towns, Makayla Hefferon, Devin Ceaser, Aaron Jasper, Austin Groff, Jett Sprague, Leo Sprague

WCAC Second Team All-Conference Selections:  Grace Tennyson, Carley Tepel, Ryan Copsey, Rodney Jefferson, Ezekiel Gayle, Daniel Ollum, Will Johnson, Nick Colosacco, Liam Delong, Tyrus Pratley, Imani Eubanks

WCAC First Team All-Conference Selections:  Robyn Strauss, Mason Buckler, Chris Albo, Tyriel Jefferson, Blake Jury, Kaylen Perez, Drake Perham, Jack Delaney, Chalon Miles

WCAC MVP Selection:  Wrestling, Tyriel Jefferson

WCAC Coaches of the Year:  Girls Ice Hockey, Chris Palombi, and Wrestling, Phillip Brown

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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