By: Wednesday Davis, St. Mary’s Arts Council

It’s All About the Birds (and more!)

Our Monday Spotlight is shining brightly on local artist Barbara Boward!

We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Boward awhile back when she stopped by our office one day. What struck us the most was her bubbly personality and love of, well, everything! Barbara’s art contains her same boundless energy, bottled up and captured in a variety of landscape scenes, sea life subjects, feathered friends, and often just random topics transformed into beautiful works of various media.

Her current list of creations include: photographs, jewelry, framed wall pieces, prints, collages, greeting cards, custom work, and much more.

In her own words, Barbara expresses how she simply enjoys being in her studio, “whether it’s printing or editing or composing a new work with paper, book spines, paint, or pens”.

One of her heart’s desires is that the love she feels when making a new piece will be passed on to others through each and every one of her final products. Shine on, Barbara!

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