By Lindsey Vanous, Contributing Writer/LNT Seafood

Maryland’s 2020 crab season is just around the corner.  April 1st marks the kickoff and our local watermen couldn’t be more ready. 

I spoke to one of the watermen, Jamie; that I buy my local crabs from, and he stated that “With the mild winter we have had, the Bay temperature has stayed around 40 degrees. With an early spring forecast, the season should start off well.”

Louisiana, as always, produces much of what wholesalers and retailers provide to the public throughout our winter months. Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas are participating factors as well.

Virginia grounds will open up this month, and with Maryland following shortly after, myself, and I’m sure our other local retailers, couldn’t be more excited. Jamie further stated that even though grounds open April 1st, it normally doesn’t get good until early May. 

A lot of our patrons hibernate their seafood appetite during the winter. No need to! There are plenty of seafood options out their, many of which are still local. Seafood boils have become popular fillers until we can get that sweet smell of local crabs again!

Lindsey Vanous

Lindsey is a lifelong water woman and owner of LNT Seaford in Preston Maryland. You can visit them at