“Find, Ride, Thrive” – A Showcase of Southern Maryland’s Horse Industry  

News Release, Southern Maryland Agriculture Development Commission

The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC), a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, has announced the launch of the second video in their “Farms in Focus” series, which showcases Southern Maryland’s vibrant agricultural profile. 

SMADC’s latest video, “Find, Ride, Thrive”, focuses on the region’s equine (horse) industry, with the goal to inspire a public appreciation for the many economic, recreational and health attributes that horses and horse businesses contribute to the area’s quality of life.   

According to a 2018 impact study by the American Horse Council Foundation, Maryland’s horse industry is a dynamic agricultural entity that keeps thousands of acres of the state’s farmland in production and is integral to the States’ economy with an economic impact of more than $2.1 billion supporting 28,000 industry jobs, and 16,000 horse enterprises with over 101,000 horses.  

“Horses and horse-related activities are an important part of Maryland’s history and way of life. Here in Southern Maryland, there are hundreds of horse barns and stables to choose from offering lessons for all ages and abilities, in every discipline from English riding to Western, as well as farms that focus on breeding, boarding, training, and therapeutic riding programs for adults and children,” explained SMADC director, Shelby Watson-Hampton.

The “Farms in Focus” series highlights overall agricultural industry products, not specific producers or farms, so the videos may be used industry-wide. Each video is approximately five to six minutes long and features a combination of educational information and promotional marketing to help bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and their local farmers and? encourages consumers to purchase products or services from local Southern Maryland farms.  

The videosare free to view on the SMADC YouTube channel and are available to use by farms, school systems,economic developmentand tourism offices, libraries, andthe general public.Stay tuned for more editions coming soon through 2020featuring Southern Maryland’s key agriculturalindustries:agri-tourism, seafood, forestry, fruits/vegetables/row crops, livestock, nursery/cut flowers, and value-added products.

The videos are made possible by a grant awarded to SMADC through the Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund? (RMPIF).