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Communication and connection, one of the most important tools for staying in recovery has moved online with COVID-19 severely restricting group interactions. In order to stay connected, videoconferencing is fast becoming the new norm of communication for substance use disorder (SUD) patients and their families, for alumni, and for the professionals who treat addiction.

Treatment centers, such as Recovery Centers of America (“RCA”), have met the challenge of COVID-19 “social distancing” and geared up quickly in offering video therapy and virtual connection opportunities for patients struggling with substance use disorders, both inpatient and outpatient, and their families who are trying to stay in touch.

In less than one week, RCA instituted a successful telehealth program at its treatment facilities and conducted 221 virtual inpatient sessions, 295 outpatient sessions, and 74 patient/family visitations. Additionally, over 1000 alumni attended  recovery meetings, services, and classes via online video platforms! 

…Moreover, RCA moved numerous important licensure and certification classes online for its recently launched free education program for addiction practitioners called “The RCA Academy for Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals.

So far, the RCA Academy classes are filling up even with a 200-person maximum “capacity” and additional classes have been added to fill the need. These classes, such as “Trauma and Substance Use Disorder” and “ADHD and SUD” fulfill state and national requirements for professionals in the addiction recovery field to maintain licensure, enhance their knowledge base, and stay current on treatment modalities.

Trish Caldwell, MFT, LPC, CCDP-D,CAADC,CCTP, Director of Family Services for RCA explained, “We are finding that video platforms are working well in conducting effective group therapy sessions as well as for creating connection opportunities for our patients and for alumni — people who need to see another face and talk to another person or group of people. Additionally, the free RCA Academy continuing education classes are really popular right now for SUD professionals because people seem to have more time during this nationwide quarantine to earn their course credit or advance their skills.”

Licensed addiction treatment professionals are desperately needed to treat millions of Americans for drug and alcohol addictions according to a new National Drug Control Strategy report, the White House’s plan to combat the nation’s addiction crisis.

“Adjustment to the daily life changes caused by the pandemic is a fact of life for everyone during the COVID-19 crisis. For addiction patients, families, alumni, and those who work in the substance use disorder field, however, treatment and recovery from a substance use disorder is still the number one priority,” said Caldwell.

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