News Release, Charles County Public Schools

The Board of Education during its April 3 WebEx meeting approved opening schools during spring break for instruction days for students. Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) will be open April 10, April 13 and April 14 for distance learning instruction for students, and work days for staff.

CCPS will have to apply for a waiver from the Maryland State Board of Education to open April 10 and April 13, which are designated state holidays. The Board approved the opening of schools to support making up lost instructional days due to the mandatory school closure in place by Governor Hogan.

The Board also approved opening schools on Tuesday, April 28 as an instructional and work day for students and teachers. This was originally a student and teacher day off due to the primary election. Gov. Hogan has moved primary election day to Tuesday, June 2.

Last week, the Board of Education and Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) launched a community survey to seek feedback on whether or not planned spring break days should be used for instructional time.

Maryland law requires students to attend 180 days of school. Although Gov. Hogan implemented an executive order to close schools through April 24 and declared a state of emergency, CCPS has no indication the Maryland State Board of Education will provide a waiver of lost instructional time.

The following are the survey results; a total of 14,414 responses were recorded from the community.

Survey takers:

  • 54 percent identified as parents;
  • 24 percent identified as students (emailed to all secondary students);
  • 21 percent identified as staff; and
  • 1.6 percent identified as other (parent and staff member, grandparent, guardian, community member).

Spring break – should CCPS remain closed, open for distance learning/work, or provide a break?

The breakdown by respondents is as follows.

  • 61 percent: eliminate spring break. Distance learning/work continues for students and staff.
  • 14 percent: close April 10 and reopen April 13-14.
  • 13 percent: keep it as scheduled – schools/offices closed April 10, 13 and 14.
  • 11 percent: close April 10 and April 13, reopen April 14.
  • .3 percent: no answer.

The survey also provided an opportunity for takers to provide CCPS with feedback. Respondents left comments ranging from eliminating spring break due to travel restrictions in place and the need to make-up instructional time to allowing the time off still for families and staff who observe religious holidays.

A recording of the Board’s April 3 WebEx meeting is posted at

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