News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Instructional materials were distributed this week as distance learning for credit has started in the homes of Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) students.

Westlake High School was a hive of activity earlier this week with two lanes of traffic designated for paper learning packet pick up, another lane for meal distribution and a line for those picking up a laptop. Staff members reported to the school to pitch in where they were needed. Westlake staff members were joined by their colleagues from Mattawoman Middle School. “I am glad to be here and help,” Scott Shuttleworth, Westlake’s instrumental music teacher, said.

Mattawoman Middle School language arts teacher Anisah Ansari, left, and Dale Mattia, a reading interventionist instructional assistant at Mattawoman, joined Westlake High School music teacher Scott Shuttleworth, pictured right, at Westlake April 6 to help pass our learning packets to parents.

St. Charles High School is another multi-use pick up site – with meals, paper packets and on Monday laptops were distributed to students who requested them. Principal Richard Conley and members of his administrative staff handed out laptops to students in need of a device to complete distance learning assignments. Members of the Spartans staff and food service workers gave out paper packets and meals, respectively.

Schools around the county held laptop distribution during the week of April 6. The first wave of distribution focused on supplying some 2,800 laptops to students who took a technology survey on March 13, the last day Maryland schools were open before the initial closure last month, as ordered by Karen Salmon, Maryland state superintendent of schools. Another round of laptop distributions will follow to lend devices to those who requested a device via AskCCPS.

Principals communicate with parents and guardians about the time and date to pick up a laptop at each school, with proper safety protocols in place. The distribution was slow but steady Monday morning at Thomas Stone High School, Autem Clay, administrative intern, said. By 10:30 a.m., about 40 out of the schools requested 200 laptops had been loaned out.

Paper learning packets are also being distributed at the 11 meal sites. Many staff members headed the call from their principals to drop by to help. “Today is my first day working out here. Mrs. Roberts asked for volunteers and we were happy to answer the call,” Leah Smith, an academic mentor at Westlake, said. Elizabeth Stahl, an administrative IA at Westlake, said she was glad she signed up to help. “We were not really sure what to expect. There has been a lot of traffic here this morning –lots ofelementary school packets going out to people today. I am gladI came out to help,” Stahl said.

Matt Loyd, vice principal at St. Charles High School, arranges laptops on a cart at the school on April 6. Loyd, along with other St. Charles administrative staff, helped to distribute devices today to students who identified a need.

The last day for parents to pick up the first two weeks of printed instructional materials was Wednesday, April 8. The CCPS print shop will begin printing and assembling the paper packets for the third and fourth weeks. All assignments are also online at for elementary school students and through Apex Learning for middle and high school students.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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