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Meet Spice who’s currently at Tri-County Animal Shelter hoping someone will add her to their family

Spice originally came into the shelter as a stray at the end of January.  With her sweet personality, she quickly became a shelter favorite. After 45 long days, she thought she hit the jackpot! She was adopted and for about a month everything was wonderful.

They said that she was both housebroken and crate trained. She was good with children and got along great with their 9-week-old puppy.  An incident happened when the dogs were outside, and Spice thought a neighbors dogs were going after her puppy friend.  She felt as though she needed to protect her friend and went after the neighbor’s dog. They tried breaking up the fight and got bit in the process, but they were unsure which dog bit them. After the incident, the new owner no longer felt comfortable, so they decided to bring her back to the shelter.

Spice is still just as sweet as ever, and I know she deserves a loving home! I think she just got put in a stressful situation and became protective. If you think you can help this sweetie find a perfect forever home, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!           

If you’re interested in meeting Darwin please call the shelter at the number below to make an appointment.  

Tri County Animal Shelter

6707 Animal Shelter Road

Hughesville, Md   20637


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