By: David M. Higgins II, Publisher

La Plata, MD- In a letter sent to SagePoint Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Administrator Andrea Dwyer, The State of Maryland Office of Health Care Quality has begun a daily Civil Money Penalty (CMP) of $10,000 per day, beginning March 30, 2020.

The State conducted a survey between April 21 and May 6 to determine if the facility was in compliance with State Regulations. “This survey found that the facility was not in substantial compliance with the State regulations. In fact, conditions at the facility posed immediate and serious jeopardy to the health and safety of your residents,” the letter says.

The facility is accused of not providing effective infection control, and not obtaining critical lab results timely. They are also accused of failing to use appropriate hand-washing hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment(PPE), and failure to cohort residents with suspected or known COVID-19.

The facility is being fined $10,000 a day beginning March 30, 2020, and will continue until they regain substantial compliance with State Regulations.

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