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Beach Elementary Educational Support Person of the Year: Belinda Simms

From Principal Mike Shisler: Complete this famous TV commercial line:
When EF Hutton speaks, ___________________ ________________.

If you’re of a certain age, that was easy.
The answer: everyone listens. When Belinda Simms speaks, if you are smart, you listen.

Beach Elementary Educational Support Person of the Year: Belinda Simms

Belinda has been a special education assistant at Beach Elementary since the Fall of 2001. Her three children—Wayne, Chelsea, and David—attended Beach. Belinda is a very quiet, reserved lady. We asked Belinda to join our Beach Equity team this year because we have learned that when Belinda does speak on an issue or share her opinion, her words are insightful and powerful.

During her 20 years as an assistant, Belinda has taken on scores of roles and duties. For some, she has been asked. For many, she has just gone ahead and done what was needed. She claims that being a mother and a day-care provider were her best training for working in our school.

Belinda has answered the call and tied shoelaces, changed diapers, repaired backpacks, made class copies, taught lessons, and provided comfort and care for 4 – 10-year-olds. Recently, we call that social – emotional support. She has done the many mundane tasks that keep a school running and the occasional above and beyond task, like digging through 2 full breakfast trash cans to find a lost retainer. It takes a special mother and provider to solve that unglamorous dilemma.

Belinda is special. We are thankful to have her at Beach Elementary and very proud that she is our 2020 Educational Support Person of the Year.

Beach Elementary Teacher of the Year: Jennifer Seibert

From Principal Mike Shisler: Think Beatles. Start the track for A Long and Winding Road.

That could be the roadmap for Jenn Seibert’s career in education. Jenn graduated UMBC in 1992 with a BA in Early Childhood and American Studies – a double major – a lifelong clue to Jen’s work ethic.

Jenn began her journey with CCPS in 1993 as a substitute teacher. She then worked as a Title 1 instructional assistant at Appeal Elementary for a year. Jenn joined the Plum Point staff as an Even Start pre-school teacher in 1995. Her road headed south back to Appeal where she served as a 3rd grade teacher for three years.

Beach Elementary Teacher of the Year: Jennifer Seibert

Mrs. Seibert brought her skills north to Mt. Harmony, where she taught 1st and a 3rd grade for 16 years. In 2015, she headed east to the Bay and joined our staff at Beach as a 2nd grade teacher. Jenn has served as a mentor teacher to student teachers, new teachers, and prospective teachers in the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program.

During this pandemic detour, she has worked with the 2nd-grade district team to develop online learning tasks and packets for kids. Jennifer Seibert strives and succeeds every year to make her classroom a family (our FAM as she says), where each student is cared for and challenged to make a positive difference. Jenn connects with her kids in the real and virtual worlds. Beach Elementary is very proud to have Jennifer Seibert as our 2020 Teacher of the Year.

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