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Calvert Elementary Teacher of the Year: Wenique Eberly

Calvert Elementary Teacher of the Year: Wenique Eberly

From Principal Joe Sampson: Wenique Eberly is a Title I teacher are Calvert Elementary, but she might as well have her own title:

Do-It-All-No-Matter-What-It-Takes -Teacher.

If you knew anything about Mrs. Eberly, you would know she is the educator you wish you had in your building. Her work ethic is unmatched. Her passion for learning is essential to who she is, and her belief in teamwork is what separates her from your ordinary educator. Wenique brings a strong sense of pride in her approach to the profession, and you can see in her demeanor that she loves what she does!

Mrs. Eberly’s students flock to her, and even students who are not taught by Mrs. Eberly are still drawn to her and seek her out. She is an integral part of the school staff, serving on many different teams from Equity to School Improvement, as well as serving as CEA and School Liaison Committee representative.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition than Wenique Eberly, and I am so happy for her to be honored as Calvert Elementary’s Teacher of the Year! Congratulations!

Calvert Elementary Educational Support Person of the Year: Janet Dalton

Calvert Elementary Educational Support Person of the Year: Janet Dalton

From Principal Joe Sampson: Janet Dalton serves as an Instructional Assistant in our Intensive Structured Learning Environment classroom. Mrs. Dalton is a model of consistency and works tirelessly to ensure her students are provided the best support each day to meet their needs. Not only does Mrs. Dalton work closely with the students in her classroom, but she has built relationships with many students in our building during her time at Calvert Elementary.

Mrs. Dalton is the type of educator who puts the needs of everyone before herself. She is caring, thoughtful, and ALWAYS smiling (her frowns even look like smiles ?)! Mrs. Dalton helps after school with clubs, teaching American Sign Language as well as knitting to students, and will not hesitate to go out of her way to provide support for a student or family. Calvert Elementary is blessed to have Mrs. Dalton grace us with her presence, and it is my honor to recognize you as our Educational Support Person of the Year. Congratulations!

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