DOMINO: My Owners Are Lost
Wistful Unclaimed Stray

At Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Millersville, MD – Sherry Durm

Domino on leash:
Being patted down outside:
Outside part 2:
Walking past other dogs inside:

(Domino is also shown in the daily live videos on the shelter’s Facebook page. On May 13, for example, the part about him starts at 1:13 minutes into the video:

FREE TO A RESCUE: Domino’s heartworm test (negative) and microchip will be paid for by Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control. His other pull fees have been waived by AACACC.
—Domino, a black and white pit bull type mix, is about 2 years old and weighed 69.5 pounds when he arrived May 5 as a stray in Hanover, MD.
—He was given distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations plus Strongid on May 6 and was neutered May 12.

When Domino goes outside, he seems to be intently scanning the horizon — looking, looking, looking for…someone. We’re so sorry, Domino, but no one has reached out to reclaim you since you were brought to the shelter May 5 as a stray. It’s time to find you a new home.

Although we don’t have a clue about his former home, it very possibly included another dog, because “Domino gets very excited when he sees others dogs and when feeling 100% (he just was neutered) looks a bit like a dog on a pogo stick jumping up to see the other dogs,” the shelter’s administrator says. “One on one, without lots of doggie distractions, Domino settles and relaxes reasonably quickly.”

Domino was observed by shelter staff on May 11 and overall did quite well, although he did bark and show some prey drive when introduced to caged cats. He was clean in his cage, friendly when approached and easy to obtain. He is “sometimes” easy to walk (see the video), but sometimes pulls hard and jumps on people. He reacted favorably when walked past other dogs in the kennel, even one that growled at him (see video). When leashed and face to face with another leashed dog, Domino play bowed and reacted favorably. He leaned in and enjoyed being touched all over, had no problem having his feet and mouth handled, and was relaxed when looked in the eye. He wasn’t interested in a bowl of food but did well being hand fed. He willingly let go of a toy. The shelter staff does not recommend that he go to a home with small animals, given his interest in cats. He would benefit, however, from a very playful other dog friend who can handle his exuberant but often poor behavior, caused because he lacks doggy manners.

Domino is a good-looking, strong young dog with a striking coat and no apparent health issues (the most the staff could find was a skin tag near a rear hock). It’s sad to see him watch passing cars and people, we guess in hopes of spotting his old family. But dogs are amazingly resilient, and we are confident that Domino will soon put his past behind him when he becomes part of a new household. Can you find that new home for him? Thank you for helping us, especially during these particularly difficult times. Please share Domino’s plea!

See AACACC animals available to rescues at:…/animal-control/animals…/index.html

–Sherry Durm, Rescue Coordinator at Anne Arundel County Animal Care &
–Chris Weinstein, AACACC
–Donna Hilton, AACACC

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