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The CBCA Board of Directors is aware of the issues raised by numerous members about the overcrowding on the beach this past several weekends. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have been dealing with the large number of people coming from outside the community and parking on the streets and walking onto our beach past the clearly marked no trespassing signs. There has also been a much higher number of people using beach who are paying to park at the Matoaka Cabins and utilize the beach.

We are concerned about the health and safety of our residents during this pandemic due to the overcrowding and the valid concern that a large number of people entering the beach are from outside of Calvert County. We are also experiencing an increase trash on the beach due to the influx of people. We even had someone come in from Owings and park in front of the parking area gate the other night blocking members in the lot. The police were called and appropriate police action was taken to remedy the situation, however in the meantime two additional members were unable to use the parking lot.

The CBCA Board is working with the Long Beach Civic Association (LBCA) and the owners of the Matoaka Cabins to alleviate this situation. In this respect we are asking our members and residents to not walk through the Matoaka Cabins property to access or exit the beach or to set up their umbrellas, chairs and blankets on the beach in front of the Matoaka Cabins property. In return we are asking the Matoaka Cabins to ask their guests to set up their umbrellas, chairs and blankets on the north side of Kings Creek in front of the Matoaka Cabins property. We are also asking them to inform their guest that CBCA property (Ave D steps and the gated parking lot) are private property and not available for their use. Our members and the cabins customers would still be able to walk the entire beach and swim in the bay.

Under state law, the use of the bay and the area of the beach from the mean high tide to the mean low tide is available for the use of anyone who legally can access the beach.

The CBCA Board is considering using part-time Sheriffs or a Security Guard Service on random weekends to ensure to send a message to outsiders are not entering our beach via the gated parking lot/recreation area on Calvert Ave and the Avenue D Stairs. We would like our members and community input on this possible course of action. Please send an email to on your thoughts on this suggestion or other suggestions on how to deal with the influx of people on our beaches.

We will also be working with the LBCA and the Sheriff’s Department to get the word out to Calvert County residents that our beach is private and not open to the public. And we will be working with the county on further limiting parking in the area near the Avenue D streets.

We are asking for your assistance, if you see people who don’t live in the area parking on side streets or in vacant driveways and walking onto the beach, please call the Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number (410-535-2800) and ask to have a deputy respond to determine if they are trespassing. If you see people from outside the community fishing on our beach, call the Natural Resource Police and they will respond to determine if they have fishing licenses and are abiding by the related natural resource laws (#410-260-8888).

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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