Birds tend to pose minimal to no threat to humans. If you see a bird nestled on a branch in your property, you might not pay any attention to it. However, problems arise when an entire flock decides to make your property their nesting place. Now, you’re having issues because of dozens of birds perched upon the different surfaces in the area. Also, there’s the concern of bird poop dirtying your beautiful car and lawn. Read on for four removal tips to help keep these flying animals away if you have a bird problem in your property.

Call Animal Removal Services

Many birds are tiny, delicate creatures, and attempting to hurt them in hopes of keeping them away might put a heavy burden in your heart. Also, using uncouth and inhumane tactics might only hurt these flying animals.

If you don’t want to hurt the birds living in your property (anyway, shooing them away with your hands won’t do anything significant), seek the help of professional animal removal services. You can find more informationabout these from credible online sources.

You should know that reliable animal removers use humane methods to help keep birds and other creatures away from your property. But, don’t forget to interview the company before opting for their services. Otherwise, you might contract the help of a firm that can threaten the lives of these poor creatures.

Also, bear in mind that the law protects some migratory birdsfrom harm. Attempting to hurt these birds might leave you paying hefty fines.

natural panoramic photo with little funny birds and Chicks sitting on a branch in summer garden in the rain

Remove The Things That Attract Birds

If a bird doesn’t find anything attractive in your property, it shouldn’t see any reason to linger. But, different birds find different things eye-catching.

For example, pest birds, such as robins, starlings, and house sparrows, find it appealing when their food sources are in your property. These birds like to feast on earthworms, seeds, insects, fruits, and vegetables.

Other birds, like woodpeckers, like to nest in mature coniferous trees. These flying creatures also tend to see ants, beetles, and other insects as their favorite meals. Some birds might even find your trash attractive.

Therefore, remove food sourcesfrom your property, and you should see a significant decrease in bird activity.

Use Bird Spikes

Despite their name, bird spikes shouldn’t pose a high threat to the well-being of the birds in your property. Instead, these long, needle-like rods act as deterrents for effective bird control.

Bird spikes are available in different materials, including tin and plastic. Place these items in various locations around the property, particularly in the areas where the animals like to rest. These spikes bring discomfort to the birds, leaving them with no choice but to find other places to nestle.

However, bird spikes aren’t the most attractive forms of keeping these animals away from your property. Hence, if you value the look of your lawn, consider other options.

Group of sparrows eating seeds from garden bird feeder on a sunny morning

Install Scarecrows

Many birds are afraid of predators, and they won’t hesitate to fly away from the area if they see one of their natural slayers. You don’t need to put up a traditional-looking scarecrow in your property. Instead, you can use a statue of one of the known predators of these flying creatures.

For example, install a statue of a life-sized owl on one of your trees. If the statue doesn’t sit well on an uneven surface, like a branch, you can place it on top of a pole or rod for stability. You can also install the fake owl on your roof if you desire. As a bonus, setting a statue of an owl in your property can even scare away pesky rodents.

Aside from owls, hawks are also some of nature’s predators against birds. But, you don’t need to use the help of a live hawk in your household to scare away birds. Instead, use a statue of a fake hawk similarly as you’d use a statue of an owl.

However, some birds are more afraid of owls than hawks. Therefore, know the birds perching on the surfaces around your property before purchasing a scarecrow.


Birds tend to be harmless flying creatures, but they can leave a huge mess once they decide to consider your property as their resting spot. Seek animal removal services, like the aid provided by Bay Area Wildlife Solutions, install scarecrows, take advantage of bird spikes, or remove attractive things in your yard to keep these animals away. Also, remember that the law protects some birds from harm, so don’t even attempt to hurt these animals.

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