Help Track Species Including Invasive Snakeheads

News Release, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland anglers are encouraged to submit their catch information to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources volunteer angler surveys. These mobile-friendly volunteer surveys can easily help turn a fishing trip into a scientific expedition by submitting basic data directly from a smartphone.

The department has several volunteer angler surveys for various species and programs, including artificial reef initiativefreshwater fisheries and striped bass. New this year, anglers can submit a catch of the invasive northern snakehead

“Data collected from snakehead anglers will help out significantly in understanding the species, their movement, and size,” DNR biologist Dr. Joseph Love said.

Volunteer surveys have been an important part of fisheries management in Maryland for decades. 

These surveys are a wealth of information for department biologists. Data collected from anglers helps the department to observe overall fish health and helps inform managers as they develop, plan, and implement activities and seasons like trout stocking.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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