By: W.A. Davis, St. Mary’s Arts Council

The St. Mary’s Arts Council’s Artist Spotlight is shining brightly on local photographer Wayne K. Thomas!

We had the pleasure of meeting Wayne in person last year when he stopped by and captured some fabulous photos at our monthly Drum Circle event!

Our featured artist has had a camera within reach since he was just a child, but it has only been over the last five years in which he has been able to dedicate focused time and energy to his art form. Early inspirations from his younger years included publications such as “LIFE”, “LOOK”, and “Ebony” magazines, slick and shiny pages turned in earnest with a sense of curiosity growing with each and every issue.

Years later, street photography is one of Wayne’s favorite locations at large to capture images of wide scope and variety. Both everyday and out-of-the-ordinary objects, situations, and people that others may not have given a second look at are sought out, either by meticulous planning or sheer chance. As a self-admitted “people person” Wayne has managed to capture individuals and groups in a wide array of states of raw emotion, timeless beauty, and cultivated poses.

Our featured photographer has a keen eye for finding just the right angles, lighting, contrast, and colors which he attributes to much technical research and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time. Mr. Thomas enjoys traveling, especially to Paris and Istanbul of which he finds both to be “places of paradise” for a man with a camera. Paris, our artist relates, is “a work of art in itself” and Istanbul presents with a most intriguing mix of intertwined grittiness and charm, best depicted in images rather than words.

In a recent interview, Wayne professed his love of photography to be somewhat similar to golf. His favorite club has to be the one in his hand or the shot will not be to his liking! Very much interested in the possibilities of being a true photographer versus “someone who just takes pictures”, Wayne is on a personal mission to enhance his skills and to find that one “perfect image”, no matter how elusive it may seem.

Shine on Wayne, we admire your talents and appreciate the time that you spent capturing images for us and others!

To learn more about our featured artist find him on Instagram@waynek.thomas (Wayne K. Thomas). His work will also be featured in a photography group show at the Lexington Park Library in December, details to be announced at:

(Submitted by St. Mary’s County Arts Council.  Photos provided by artist.)