News Release, Maryland Department of Agriculture

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland Department of Agriculture has adopted regulations to immediately restrict and phase-out the regular use of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used in agricultural production and turf management. Notice of final action was published in the June 5, 2020, edition of the Maryland Register, with the regulation going into effect on June 15. Emergency regulations have been in effect since March 27.

The newly adopted regulations were developed in consultation with agricultural leaders, environmental advocates, and farmers to find a solution that would address the concerns of all parties. Aerial applications of chlorpyrifos are prohibited effective immediately. Other applications will be generally prohibited after December 31, 2020. Full text of the regulation was published in the April 10, 2020, edition of the Maryland Register.

The move toward an accelerated phase-out of chlorpyrifos is in step with similar actions in other states and the private industry. The regulation follows use data in Maryland that shows a sharp decline in the use of chlorpyrifos since the 1990s.

For more information on pesticide regulation in Maryland, please visit the program’s website. More information on chlorpyrifos is available on the EPA website.