News Release, St. Mary’s Arts Council

Our Spotlight is shining brightly on local musician Dominic Fragman!

We had the pleasure of meeting our high-energy artist at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum for the Spirit of Innovation & Freedom’s event “A Quantum Case for Innovation in Art & Technology” in January of this year. We knew immediately that we wanted to learn more about his fascinating projects and finally had a chance for a brief interview!

Music has always been a part of Dominic’s life as far back as he can remember. Between his father and extended family there were many amateur pianists, guitarists, singers, and drummers within his close circle of ties. Dominic grew up with drums and guitars in the house and started to place focused effort on music when he was about seven years old or so. By age 12 he already had gigs lined up and chose to solely (or rather “soul-ly”, per our artist) pursue music professionally after graduating from college.

Dominic relates that he is consistently inspired by nature and concepts of infinity. Focused listening to the wind, waves, birds, insects, aircrafts, and general sonic occurrences has disclosed the true essence of harmony to him as an art form all its own to draw from.

This understanding has provided a foundation for expanded “right” and “wrong” musical decisions for our artist. “If harmony is the simultaneous sounding of one or more sonic occurrences, ‘correct’ note choices have more to do with successful emotional and conceptual communication than utilizing common codified, pre-organized groupings”. 

To that end, Dominic is mostly interested in pure improvisation by simultaneously drawing upon and intertwining his knowledge, experience, craft, emotion, and spirit into action. He has strived to refine the creation of music in this way and as a reflection of the constantly changing ebb and flow of life itself.

As a co-founder of both the Spirit of Innovation & Freedom and Progress Culture, Dominic has dedicated countless hours presenting new music, art, and ideas to our community and beyond. He is definitely someone to keep an eye out for as he has formed partnerships for his work with Zildjian, Wicked Chops, Loyola University of New Orleans, Voice of America, Regis University Denver, TedX Great Mills, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, the University of Maryland, and Techport.

Shine on Dominic, we admire your talents and appreciate all that you do and share with our community!

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Photos provided courtesy of Dominic Fragman