News Release, St. Mary’s Arts Council

We had a big, big party planned for May 1st! Of course, as you may have guessed, that didn’t happen.

“The Cat’s Meow” was supposed to be a featured event this year, born from grand ideas to partner together with local artists, showcase their kitty-themed work, host an Opening Reception, and help raise funds and collect supplies for the nearby animal rescue groups.

Kitten season would be here with so many little ones needing homes and care. Some would have come in litters with their mother, some found alone or perhaps with a sibling or two, many would be simply cruelly abandoned and just trying to survive. The lucky ones would be rescued and kept in a temporary foster care or a shelter, eventually finding their way to a loving and caring home.

We had a number of artists who were creating kitty-themed work to display at our special month-long show, set to kick off on First Friday of May 2020. Cat paintings, cat pottery, cat jewelry, cat photos…it was ALL about the cats. A big drop-box would be set up for collecting essential supplies such as litter, food, toys, bedding, etc. Raising orphaned kittens in bulk is expensive! A portion of all sales were to go to the customer’s choice of local animal rescue groups.

Sadly, the pandemic postponed our kitty-palooza party until 2021 but we still have a sweet story to share. Kim Peck (pictured on left) had already completed her kitty painting project before our event was canceled so we offered to keep the painting at our Gallery on a special consignment as she had already spent many hours creating “Moon Cats”, a beautiful acrylic on canvas piece.

Kim had one special request, which was that the proceeds from the sale would be donated to the St. Mary’s Animal Welfare League (SMAWL). Once posted to our Facebook page, this piece was sold within two days, and the donation was even more than the asking price!

We are extremely pleased to be able to help support a community cause in this small way and gratefully send out a big “thank you” to Erika (pictured to right) who purchased the painting.

Our “The Cat’s Meow” art exhibit will be back next year, keep an eye out on our website ( for updates! Meanwhile, if you are interested in adopting a new fur-ever friend, becoming a kitty cat foster parent, or making a donation of supplies or much needed funds to assist with medical needs please visit any of these local groups or others in the area:

Animal Relief Fund –

Feral Cat Rescue –

SMAWL/ also Cat Castle – 

Tiny Toes Kitten Rescue –

Tri-County Animal Shelter