When studying in the United States, there are various places that you would want to explore and enjoy yourself. Also, you need to find a suitable place to live so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on accommodation when you have to cater to other expenses. There are numerous places that you can reside in the U.S. such as Maryland, Philadelphia, Arizona, or Massachusetts, among others. However, you need to choose one that will not force you to squeeze your budget. Additionally, you do not need to worry about the costs of asking for academic writing help from professional essay services. Nonetheless, this paper strives to elaborate more about the best places to live in as a student in Maryland.

Maryland is one of the states in the U.S. with some of the best places to live since it has a low cost of living. This makes it one of the top spots for young students, professionals, and families looking forward to leading an enjoyable life on a budget. Intrigued? Well, below are some of the cheapest places to live in Maryland.


When it comes to living cheap in the United States, Arbutus is one of the most affordable places to reside in. It has a population of 20, 658, which makes it convenient for people looking to purchase cheap homes in Maryland. You can manage your student budget as well as reconnoiter different places in the country. You need not worry about the costs you will incur when you choose to purchase essay catalogues. So, visit Arbutus and get yourself a comfortable and affordable place to live.


Brunswick is one of the cheapest cities to live in the USA. This city may not have the least expensive or lowest rent in Maryland. However, if you take it as an income proportion, this city entails some of the most affordable housing. The residents are well-paid, with a median income of $76 708. This covers more than the median home prices leaving you will a lot of money to use for other things.

While walking around the remarkable district sampling chocolate and wine, you will enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of Brunswick that does not cost much.


Easton is one of the sophisticated places in Maryland. It has exceptional lodging, a variety of upscale boutiques, excellent restaurants, and vibrant studios and galleries, among other things. After a tiresome and overwhelming day in school, you can visit any of these urbane places and calm down. Visit the vivacious studios and galleries and have a good look at their art. Focus your attention on other things instead of your academics and all the tasks you need to work on. This will help refresh your mind and enable you to learn more about the place.


Glenarden has some of the most affordable housing options for renters as well as buyers. It ranks among the top five cheapest places to reside in as it has the lowest cost of living. The residents are well-paid; hence they do not need to worry about the rent or accommodation costs. Moreover, Glenarden is one of the most secure places in Maryland. You need not worry about your safety or security. You can go about your duties and activities at any time without worrying about your well-being.


Poolesville is among the topmost affordable places to live in Maryland. With a population of $5 170. Its affordability may not be that apparent. This is one of the cities which makes many people ask, ‘Is it expensive to live in Maryland?’ since it is the only city where renting costs more than the average rent in Maryland. But, remember that Poolesville is one of the wealthiest cities in Maryland with its residents making a median income of $170 093. Hence, this makes the affordability of this place plain. The residents here pay the least proportion of their income towards housing, whether it is buying or renting.

District Heights

District Heights is located on the east downtown of Washington, D.C. It ranks among the topmost affordable cities to live in Maryland. Both renters and buyers can afford the cost of living in Maryland, as District Heights’ has affordable housing. It is one of the best places to call home with a snack ability scale of 8.5/10.


Frederick boasts of being a ‘modish and historic’ destination. This city comprises a healthy assortment of theaters, museums, art galleries, historical sites, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, it encompasses the Gambrill State Park, which is situated on the Catoctin Mountain ridges. You can access the close relationship of this city to the Civil War at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and the Monocacy National Battlefield.

Frederick City also constitutes the Fort Detrick installation of the U.S. Army. It is also popular for historic downtown skyline churches. Sounds idyllic? Well, living in this city is within reach of many people. Its median house income is $65 967, whereas the home value is $242 100.


Hagerstown city was established in 1776. It encompasses the numerous Civil War Sites such as the South Mountain State Battlefield. Moreover, it is a cultural hotspot as it houses several art galleries and museums, as well as the Maryland Symphony and the Maryland Theatre. As a local, you can enjoy the outdoor offerings like The Greens and Hagerstown City Park.

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In conclusion, as a student learning in the United States, there are various places that you can choose to reside in different states. However, you should factor in the accommodation expenses and your personal needs. Choose a state that encompasses some of the most affordable cities such as Maryland, and get to lead an enjoyable and stress-free life. You will not need to worry about the prices of asking for custom writing help but also get to have fun with your friends. So, consider the above cheapest places to live in Maryland if you are looking forward to finding an inexpensive and comfortable home.