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Bats, the only known mammalian species that have wings and can fly! This thought alone is creepy, and most people get goosebumps when they think of these animals being in their attics. The first thought that comes to your mind when bats choose to settle in your attic is to get rid of them immediately. However, this often requires time and precision.

The presence of bats in your home can be annoying, but you cannot just poison them or get them to leave. You must follow the right procedures or contact wildlife removal professionals in your area, like, to handle their eviction for you. In many states, some laws protect these animals because they help to keep the insect population in check. And so, killing or evicting bats from your attic, especially when they are pregnant and are a maternity colony, will lead to legal penalties against you.


The easiest option to get help with bats would be to call wildlife removal professionals and report the bat infestation problem; they have full knowledge of the state’s laws and the right eviction equipment and skills. However, if you want to handle the eviction yourself, here are a few things you should do:


In every state, there are laws that protect animals and wildlife. You have to know the laws of your locality and how strict these laws are.


In trapping or evicting the bats, you must be thorough and not leave any behind. You should know that you can’t get rid of bats by poisoning them, so you should never try to poison them.  

You should make sure you seal their exit and entry points and provide a one-way exit for the bats. This will ensure that when they fly out at night in search of food, they cannot return to your attic, and within one to two weeks, all the bats should have left your attic.

You can also choose to startle the bats by using bright lights in your attic and use a net trap to capture them. This process is arduous, however, and you may need more people to help.


After you have captured the bats, you must relocate them to an area where they will not cause damage or problems to another homeowner. You must also make sure that their home has all that it will take to sustain the bats, especially if it is a maternity colony.


When you have successfully eliminated the bats, you must clean out your attic and remove all debris that the bats left behind. This process can take weeks if you are doing it yourself, but you can hire a cleaning company.

You must also seal up all the entry points and potential entry sites for bats to prevent a reinfestation. It would be best if you also kept the attic clean and clutter-free so that you can reduce the risk of other wild animal infestations.