News Release, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Image courtesy of St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland President Tuajuanda C. Jordan has appointed Kelsey Bush as interim chief diversity officer. He will join St. Mary’s College on August 17 and will report directly to the president.  

“As a graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and member of the Alumni Council, I understand the unique nature of the College, students, faculty and staff. Being able to work with a diverse population of thought and experiences in the current times is an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Bush. “Through my years of working with coalitions and communities, I understand the importance of listening and empowering those involved in the process to achieve the goals. Without input and ownership, no initiative will ever be successful.”

For the past 20 years, Bush has served as the youth coordinator/local management coordinator with the Department of Aging and Human Services. “My past experiences working for St. Mary’s County Government have afforded me the opportunity to interact and work with several students and young adults throughout my career. These have been individuals from diverse and unique backgrounds that have added to my experience as a mentor and program manager.”

Among other duties in that position, Bush developed, implemented, and supervised large and complex division/department specific programs; analyzed data related to children, families and youth, including racial disparities; and represented the county government on issues of equity and inclusion. He served as liaison with local, regional, and state organizations related to the program; supervised three youth-related programs ranging from youth diversion to behavioral health; and coordinated and developed drug/alcohol-free community activities.

“As an African American man, I have seen firsthand how the academic and work environment can be unwelcoming, unfair and inequitable because of not fitting into a particular gender or racial representation,” said Bush. “I am committed to making a difference in ensuring that everyone is given opportunities to excel in their educational and work.”

Bush has served on a number of committees and organizations throughout his professional life including the St. Mary’s County Public Schools Equity Task Force, Patuxent River Local Youth Advisory Committee, Continuum of Care on Homelessness for Southern Maryland, and Leadership Southern Maryland. He served on the board of directors for United Coalition for African American Contributions and for Tri-County Youth and Families.

He also serves on the following councils: Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture, St. Mary’s City Historical Commission, and on the St. Mary’s College Alumni Council since 2018.   

“As of an alumnus of St. Mary’s College, I welcome the opportunity give back to the institution that has given so much to me,” said Bush.

Bush received his bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College in 1994. He was a double major in political science and sociology/anthropology. He received his J.D. from University of Maryland in 1998.