News Release, St. Mary’s Arts Council

Our Weekly Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on Datron Moore!

We had the pleasure of meeting Datron just over a year ago. He had recently graduated high school and was pursing his studies in art at the College of Southern Maryland, Leonardtown campus. We viewed a sample of his work, an amazing colored pencil drawing titled “The Chocolate Bar”, and subsequently featured it at our Gallery. Needless to say, it sold quickly and we were able to send Datron a check for his very first Gallery sale!

What strikes us most about his work is the incredible detail that Datron dedicates. He spends countless hours not only imagining and bringing his designs to life but also weaving fascinating stories and tales into the broader concepts of his images. What one person sees in the clouds or landscapes may be totally different than what someone else views, which is the way he has intended it to be.

Color pencils have been Datron’s go-to art tools for the last five years as “they are easily accessible, don’t create a big mess, and they create a wide range of colors.” He has also been experimenting with pen drawings, incorporated a year ago as his media forms have been further explored and expanded. Pen drawings have been an intriguing option for our artist due to “the wide range of contrast possible”.

Datron portrays a wide variety of subject matter, ranging from the very abstract, somewhere in between, and quite realistic still-life scenes. His portfolio includes many larger size pieces in the 18” x 24” sizes depictive of conceptual drawings such as “The Kingpin”, “House on the Hill”, and “The Chocolate Bar”.

On the other side of the perspective, Datron grounds his images to the here and now and includes “FDR Blvd”, “Still Life of My Door”, “Dad Driving”, and various portraits of family and friends.

When he isn’t engaged with thinking of his next project and putting pencils to paper, Datron has been learning how to skateboard and enjoys playing the electric guitar. He finds these interests to be complementary of each other and a good balance to his school work and art endeavors.

As a young artist dedicated to his craft, it has been a great pleasure to get to know Datron and we are very much looking forward to seeing his future work!

Learn more about our featured artist on Instagram: @datron_moore

(Photos of drawings provided by artist).