News Release, Town of Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach, MD, August 11, 2020- The Mayor and Town Council announce a change in leadership of the Twin Beach Deputies with the recent promotion of Ronald Naughton to Captain of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

Captain Ronald Naughton

The Town of Chesapeake Beach entered into an agreement on July 1, 2010, with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with the Town of North Beach, to provide nine (9) resident deputies to be shared between the Twin Beaches, known as the Twin Beach Deputies, with one (1) resident deputy dedicated to the Town of Chesapeake Beach.

Captain Ronald Naughton has served the Twin Beaches for over five (5) years providing leadership and direct oversight of the Twin Beach Deputies. Captain Naughton began his role in the Twin Beaches as a Sergeant on March 9, 2015, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in October of 2016. In Captain Naughton’s new role, he will oversee the CCSO Patrol Bureau. The Patrol Bureau is the most visible of all the bureaus within the Sheriff’s Office routinely providing first response to calls for police service in the community, maintaining a strong patrol presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout Calvert County’s 219 square miles. In his new leadership role, Captain Naughton will continue to provide oversight to the Twin Beach Deputies. 

“The Town commends Captain Naughton on his recent promotion and is thankful for the leadership he provides and will continue to provide, to the Twin Beach Deputies.” stated Mayor Patrick J. “Irish” Mahoney.

Lt. Gregory “Joe” Hollinger

The Town welcomes Lt. Gregory “Joe” Hollinger who will provide daily supervision of the Twin Beach Deputies. His recent promotion to Lieutenant places his focus in the Twin Beaches under Captain Naughton’s continued guidance. Prior to his new assignment, Lt. Hollinger has served close to twenty-two (22) years with the CCSO.  During his time, he served as a detective in the Criminal Investigative Bureau, investigating all manners of crimes, but specializing in child abuse investigations.  Most recently, Lt. Hollinger worked in the Patrol Bureau where he supervised various Patrol squads, the Crime Suppression Unit, the Community Action Team, and the Mountain Bike Patrol Unit. 

Lt. Hollinger describes his highest priority in the Twin Beaches as being, “fair and friendly, prioritizing the safety and security of citizens through proactive policing, quick responses to calls for service, and to be highly visible and approachable.”  Lt. Hollinger wants citizens to know that they can expect to see him, and his team, walking the boardwalks, in the parks and on the beaches, and to feel free to say hello and engage the Deputies in conversation to further their efforts to get to know the Town citizens. 

Lt. Hollinger plans to further expand the CCSO Mountain Bike Unit for routine patrolling in the Twin Beaches. The Town looks forward to continuing to foster a great relationship with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department in servicing Town citizens.