We are pleased to announce that the exhibits at the Candy Cummings Gallery, located at the Lexington Park Library, have opened back up!

Due to the pandemic, we had to sadly postpone the much-anticipated show featuring works by local artist Dr. Harriet Gossett but recently received the green light to move forward. Gone now are the blank and bare white walls, replaced by rainbows of color and adventures with acrylics – and believe it or not – books! A perfect combo for a library venue!

Harriet’s art is sometimes difficult to describe, plain words just don’t seem to give proper attributions to her work. Soulful combinations of color, shades of all four seasons, and a touch of 3-D techniques literally make her pieces “pop”. Repurposed books, perhaps destined for their demise, have been given the gift of a new life as they have been redesigned into a whole new art form.

Our featured artist meticulously cuts, paints, folds, glues, and coats her creations into scenic stories full of life and new tales to tell. Dr. Gossett has been recognized for her outside-of-the-box (or in this case, the frame!) creativity which includes cascading flowers, countryside barns, and rustic buildings, trees with beckoning branches, leaves caught in precarious moments of a downward spin, and much more.

Harriet chooses her colors carefully as she intertwines reality with imagination, sometimes weaving a single themes or scenario together, and sometimes not. What one sees in her artwork may be interpreted quite differently by another viewer, be sure to look closely for the full story!

Harriet’s exhibit of eighteen pieces is on display now thru September 30th. Please visit the library website at: www.stmalib.org or call 301-863-8188 for the current schedule of open days and hours. Dr. Gossett worked as an art teacher for grades kindergarten through high school as well as an arts coordinator and is now retired from education. Learn more about our featured artist at: www.arts4hg.wixsite.com/mysite

This show is hosted by the Lexington Park Library and sponsored by the St. Mary’s County Arts Council (through support from the Maryland State Arts Council). All of Harriet’s amazing art piece is available for purchase, we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Additional contact info: email info@smcart.org or call St. Mary’s County Arts Council at (240) 309-4061. www.stmarysartscouncil.com.

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