A student’s life is no easy feat as it’s one where you’ll have to traverse your day between personal and academic obligations. For many individuals, work and family commitments also come into play when scheduling your time. The process of learning is one littered with struggles that can have adverse effects on a person’s mental health. The stress of attending to multiple academic tasks, studying for exams, and many more are demanding and can give rise to the following conditions.

Great mental health and academic success in college stem from a student’s ability to appropriately manage the stress that comes with learning. Here are some of the stress-related issues that students experience while learning.


Many students experience insomnia due to poor sleeping habits. They stay up late into the night studying, writing papers, conducting research, and more. These poor sleeping results in multiple health issues including insomnia.

Low Energy Levels

Late nights, intensive workloads, exam anxiety, are all recipes for a great deal of emotional and physical toll. Students get fatigued and experience low energy levels owing to the intense pressure that often accompanies studying in colleges.


Students experiencing mental illness or a work overload tend to spiral into depression. They shy away from society and cut off ties with friends.

Poor Concentration

In a bid to keep up with deadlines, prepare for exams, or juggle any other tasks, students tend to push themselves too far. They take on more than they can handle and tend to experience poor concentration levels. Inattentiveness during lessons and conversations become a norm as during such situations.

Why Many Students Experience Low Mental Health in College

Heavy Workload

It’s a common trend for students in educational institutions to have a high workload, especially at the tertiary level. They have to juggle their limited time between personal and academic tasks. As a student, you’ll need to assign specific hours for studying, sleeping, writing various academic tasks, socializing, and more.

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Social Anxiety

Most students feel the need to meet the expectations members of society place on them. If they experience bumps during a school year, it’s common for them to experience high levels of anxiety. A situation that could lead to poor academic performance and concentration levels.


The road to success in college doesn’t come cheap. High-quality education comes at a high price with scholarships often being the only avenue by which many can obtain a degree. Several scholars go with student loans to meet the cost of tuition, dorms, textbooks, and more.

Working while schooling is also a common practice in college as many students aim to get quality education and meet their basic needs. They sometimes take on multiple jobs, and often experience dilemmas where they have to prioritize one over the other. In such situations, academic obligations and assignments tend to take the back seat.

Working students seldom find the time to attend to crucial educational tasks such as essays, research papers, term paper, and more. These written projects are critical to academic success as they constitute a high percentage of scholars’ grades. Most working students often seek out the assistance of a research or term paper writing service. This action helps ensure that their write-ups are high-quality, promptly submitted, and provides them with the time they need to complete other critical tasks.

How Students can Maintain Excellent Mental Health While Learning

Get Help

Essays, term papers, research write-ups, and other writing tasks come up in every academic subject in college. They’re time-sensitive and play critical roles in academic success. Most students often get help from a reputable research paper writing service to provide them with a quality write-up. You can join study groups or get assistance in areas of learning where it’s possible.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Avoid letting the expectations of family and friends be a burden. It’s best to set goals and have aspirations you desire to achieve for yourself. Seek therapy and support if you have instances of depression. Consider ways to make the best of a problem or its solution rather than dwelling on it.

Schedule Their Time

You should create a schedule and stick to it. Optimize your time, allocating hours of the day where you are most productive to demanding tasks.

Work Smartly and Early

Starting your assignments early is one of the most critical elements to building a successful and stress-free college life. Consider working according to your strengths and avoid taking on too much within a short period. It’s best to be realistic when planning your schedules and take advantage of academic aids.

Procrastination is a problem many students experience in and out of college, and beating it makes your work simpler. Consider avoiding distractions and attend to your tasks early. Starting your assignments on time will also help you manage emergencies better.

Many students fall prey to procrastination, as they push, essays, assignments, study sessions, and more to later dates. During examination periods, the workload becomes unbearable as they shuffle their limited time trying to study and finish their almost due essays. This scenario can lead to mental illness and school performance could drop. When in such scenarios, many often go with research paper writer free service samples for assistance.


It’s best to have proper rest and avoid overworking yourself. Maintaining good sleeping habits and physical health it’s crucial to enjoying excellent mental fitness. Consider rewarding yourself after completing a milestone in your academics. You can listen to a relaxing movie, visit the cinemas, play sports, and more.

Final Thoughts

There’s a strong relationship between mental health and academic success in college. Keeping a healthy one is crucial in any student’s life. Events such as exams, essays, and more can trigger mental illness and school performance would drop drastically.

It’s best to work smartly, early, get assistance, have good sleeping habits, de-stress, maintain good fitness levels, and have a positive outlook. Incorporating these attributes into your lifestyle will help keep the stress accompanying college life at bay, increase your chances of success, and ensure excellent mental health.

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