BALTIMORE(September 18, 2020)– Maryland’sFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA)delegation brought home26medals from theNational Leadership Online Experience (NLE) earlier this summer, given the cancellation of the in-person conference in Salt Lake City, Utah due to the COVID-19 pandemic.A team of the state’s most talented Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school students showcased their skills in72 CTEcompetitive events.Demonstrating exemplary CTE training, Maryland students challenged8,378other student champions from46states,District of Columbia,Puerto Rico,Virgin Islands, andseveral international competitors as well.

“In Maryland, we are committed to pairing academic knowledge and technical skills in order toempower our students for in-demand, high-skilled, and high-wages careers, and FBLA is an integral part of the State’s Career and Technical Education program,” said Karen B. Salmon, Ph.D., State Superintendent of Schools. “Fromsports & entertainment management to accounting and information systems, Maryland’s talented FBLA students continue to excel and stand out among their peers in this annual national showcase. Congratulations to all of our student participants and dedicated educators; thank you for making us Maryland proud!”

FBLA is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that prepares students for careers in business and assists them tobecome better prepared for the world of work.FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities, prepares them for entry into business-related occupations, and offers a setting where members compete at regional, state and national levels in business and technology curriculum. Maryland FBLAhas a statewide membership of3,600middle andhigh school students. Members have consistently demonstrated their expertise and professionalismwhile participating throughout the year in a variety of leadership and competitive conferencesas well as community service projects.

The following students placed in the top 10 during the national competition:

MarylandFBLANationalTopTen–2020National LeadershipExperience

2ndPlacein Broadcast Journalism: Emily Lim, Julie Lawler, Keya Shah, Marriotts Ridge High School

2ndPlacein Entrepreneurship: Ellen Li, Lynzee Louden, Mount Hebron High School

2ndPlacein Management Information Systems: Adi Gupta, Love Patel, River Hill High School

3rdPlacein Banking & Financial Systems: Pranav Bolla, Nicholas Venginickal, Nick Snyder, Mount Hebron High School

3rdPlacein Partnership with Business Project: Michael Shutt, Blake Wanner, Thomas O’Brien, South River High School

4thPlacein Sports & Entertainment Management: Tom Michaels, Vikas Reddy, Prakash Balasubramanian, Mount Hebron High

4thPlacein Business Financial Plan: Caroline Finn, South River High School

5thPlacein Computer Game & Simulation Programming: Steven Zhang, Allen Chen, Saimadhav Sakhamuri, Dulaney Senior High School

5thPlacein Spreadsheet Applications: Brandon Brooks, Manchester Valley High School

6thPlacein Personal Finance: Mary Samokhvalova, Applications and Research Lab

7thPlacein Business Etiquette: Makaela Shomo, Plum Point Middle School

7thPlacein E-Business: Tyler Kempton, South River High School

7thPlacein Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure: Vivian Yao, River Hill High School

7thPlacein Organizational Leadership: Nathan Goturi, River Hill High School

7thPlacein Partnership with Business Project: Haley Lawson, Sophia MacDonald, Lucy Ramos, Northern High School

7thPlacein Publication Design: Erica Metheny, Audrey Litman, Peyton McDonald, Allegany High School

8thPlacein Computer Applications: George Trout, Chesapeake High School

8thPlacein Elevator Speech: Catherine Polo, Plum Point Middle School

8thPlacein Insurance & Risk Management: Leanne Rupp, Northern High School

8thPlacein Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Andrew Roberts, Ryan Kosinski, North East High School

8th Placein Personal Finance: Sarah Foerster, Manchester Valley High School

8thPlacein Spreadsheet Applications: Melanie Carter, Boonsboro High School

9thPlacein Accounting II: Bradley Rodsk, Manchester Valley High School

9thPlacein Global Business: Arianna Boja, Anoushka Sarin, Saniya Mahate, Mount Hebron High School

9thPlacein Network Design: Lloyd Bolodeoku, Charles Murphy, Martins Okorie, New Town High School

9th Placein Website Design: Kathy Yao, Dulaney Senior High School

For moreinformationaboutFBLA,pleasecontact Kent Seuferer,Career Programs, and Student Organizations, Division of Career and College Readiness,MarylandStateDepartmentofEducationat or410-767-0536.

Additional information can also be found on the Division of Career and College Readiness website or theofficialFBLAMarylandwebsite.

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