Leonardtown, MD, — With over 2,000 animal-free dishes sold at 18 local businesses during the first-ever SOMD Vegan Restaurant Week in 2019, the St. Mary’s and Calvert County event returns for November 1st through 8th, 2020.

In honor of World Vegan Day (November 1st), participating restaurants will begin featuring a separate vegan menu (or vegan dish), specially created for this week-long community event. In addition to vegans, all diners are encouraged to enjoy a variety of plant-based menu items that support healthier diets, preserving the planet, and extending compassion to all living beings.

After The Economist accurately declared that “2019 will be the year veganism goes mainstream”, cruelty-free living and dining only continues to grow exponentially. As of March 2020, the U.S. plant-based foods market is worth $5 Billion, while growing 29% over the last two years (that is 5x faster than total U.S. retail food sales over the past year).* A second annual Vegan Restaurant Week is yet another example of Southern Maryland embracing mainstream veganism, while supporting local businesses at the forefront.

Furthermore, the current global pandemic has also spotlighted the impacts of animal agriculture (plus food choice) on human health, the environment, social injustices, and even food shortages. There has never been a better, or more critical, time to take advantage of a customer base that is demanding sustainable, cruelty-free food.**

About Vegan Restaurant Week: Participating in the Southern Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week gives local restaurants the opportunity to further highlight their passion for creating unique and flavorful menu items for all diners. Additionally, this innovative, welcoming and community-wide dining experience will continue to provide awareness about the numerous benefits of animal-free eating. All diners are encouraged to take photos of each vegan dish purchased during #SOMDVRW20 for a chance to win a gift card from participating restaurants.

Participating Businesses Include:

The Beanery Café and Bakery | Blue Wind Gourmet | The Real Food Studio (food truck) | Ruddy Duck Brewery | Ruddy Duck Alehouse | The Lobby Coffee Bar & Café | Hook & Vine Kitchen and Bar | Botanic Deli – Café | Kingfishers Bar & Grill

For updates and more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/somdveganrestaurantweek/

Instagram: @SOMDVeganRestaurantWeek

Email: somdveganevents@gmail.com

*The Good Food Institute: https://www.gfi.org/

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