Nowadays, furniture sets have become a thing from the past. The current trend implies the correct mix of different furniture in the interior. These 7 simple and non-standard ways to combine chairs of different colors, textures, and designs will come in handy to everyone.

1)     One Color & Different Design

This is truly a win-win situation because a single color or shade will make the interior holistic, despite the difference in design and materials. You can combine various furniture items of a single palette, but from various manufacturers. For example, to combine black bolt down bar stools from and classic black table from Ikea.

2)     One Material & Different Design

You don’t have to be a designer to make this combination work. The only rule: if the chairs are wooden, make sure they are of the same wood species. If you pick up the right combination, your guests will be impressed by your imagination

3)     One Style & Different Design

You can combine chairs that are completely different in design, united by one style. This method must be approached very carefully – not everyone can accurately determine the style of furniture. If in doubt about your abilities, contact the professionals or search in Google.

4)     One Accent Chair

This solution looks very unusual and stylish. For example, try putting several chairs of a neutral color and one accent chair in a bright shade. The combinations of white and red, beige and blue, grey and mint, orange and olive always look attractive.

5)     Different Visual Weight

Combining massive furniture with light is not always easy. It is important that the chairs still have something in common – at least a common color palette. This approach will create interesting accents in your interior.

6)     Different Heights

If you prefer using this trick, the chairs should be of the same type and visually light, minimalistic – otherwise there is a risk that they will create a sense of disorder. So, this task should be also entrusted to professional designers.

This trick is similar to placing one accent chair. Plastic stools can be mixed with any others. These chairs are completely neutral, as they can fit any interior and be combined with anything.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, various design approaches become quite popular, and therefore manufacturers, trying to keep abreast of the recent designer solutions, produce a wide variety of this furniture. By using different models of stools, you can create various zones, or save the valuable living space. We encourage you to experiment with materials, colors, shapes, and styles to make the design of your dining zone convenient and attractive.

Which tips of the above-mentioned do you like most of all? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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