Sunderland, MD- Against all odds, despite the pandemic, and thanks to the generosity of many, the annual Calvert Arts Festival exceeded its 2020 charitable goals by 77% percent!  The result is that many children of Calvert County will be better fed, be able to study better, not be evicted from their homes, be treated kindly and carefully in the justice process, and have a safe place away from abuse.  The success was celebrated with a COVID-safe car parade of banners, noisemakers, and joy on the campus of All Saints Parish, Sunderland.

When the 2020 Calvert Arts Festival, sponsored by All Saints Parish, had to be canceled because of the pandemic, it at first seemed that the funds it raises each year for charity would be lost.  But the Festival team pivoted to a social media-based campaign and through dedication and perspiration pulled together a remarkable outcome. 

The co-chairs of the We Love Calvert Arts Festival $10K in 10 Days Benefit for Children, Lisa and Patrick Herlihy, and the Director of Communications, Debbie Shupe, led this team effort to its over-the-top success when it ended October 10th.  Major Donors who kindly gave gifts of a thousand dollars or more included Broadview Baptist Church, the Cerrito Family, Martha Grahame, and six anonymous donors.  Many other individual gifts of significant generosity, from across the County and as far away as Texas and North Carolina, took the benefit well over its goal.

As a result, the HeartF.E.L.T. backpack program that provides food for school children (even in virtual circumstances), Calvert Churches Community Food Pantry which feeds families across the County, Community Ministries of Calvert County that saves families from eviction, the Child Advocacy Center of Calvert County which cares for and reduces the trauma of child victims of crime, and Safe Harbor which provides abused women and children a place of safety, will benefit from the $17,705 raised.

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