All are invited to Leonardtown Wharf on November 6th, 2020 for a special ceremonial event! A historical marker created in honor of the rich history of the indigenous people of the Breton Bay area will be commemorated at 4 PM.

November has been officially recognized as a “Native American Heritage Month” with aims to provide a platform for Native American people of the U.S. to share their traditions, music, crafts, dance, and life concepts. In the process of paying tribute to this dedicated month and represented population, valuable bridges have been built connecting the past to the present. Many disciplines of city, county, and state officials have worked in unison with community leaders to hear concerns and solutions re: educational opportunities regarding Native American history, rights, and contemporary issues at hand.

Local artist Susan Carney has designed, implemented, and created a historical marker in recognition of the people who settled and cultivated the Breton Bay and surrounding areas long ago. By recognizing and acknowledging their existence and valuable contributions to not only their own but future generations of all people of the area, Susan’s work aims to give credit where it is due in the hopes that the past contributions of Native Americans of our area will not be forgotten over time.

A featured guest and honored speaker for this event will be Robert Gajdys, Vice-Chair of the Maryland Commission of Indian Affairs. Also present will be Rico Newman (Commission member), Ed Chaney (former Deputy Director of Maryland Archaeological Lab at Jefferson Patterson Park who gave much assistance for historical accuracy), and other local dignitaries and project sponsors.

This will be an outdoor event with social distancing guidelines in effect, masks are recommended per current guidelines especially if appropriate social distancing is unable to be observed. Sponsored in part by St. Mary’s County Arts Council and SMECO. Collage design by Dennis Kund, artwork by Susan Carney.

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