The glamorous lives of celebrities are often the subject of envy. Life on top is associated with glitz, glamour, and the finest that life has to offer. But getting to the top is no easy feat, and many of the famous people we look up to have had to fight and work hard to possess the knowledge to get to where they are. The stories of how the stars got to their positions of fame and influence are usually tales of perseverance, and often feature twists, turns, and a dash of good fortune.

When it comes to stories of hard work and perseverance, Maryland’s most famous faces are no exception. Many of the most famous stars from the state of Maryland had to study to a high level in university to get to where they are today. For students currently in university themselves, the autobiography of a famous Maryland star makes for a great topic when writing a paper, and the many other examples of autobiography essays, found on places such as, go to show the breadth of the topic within education. Taking a look at the college backgrounds of Maryland celebrities before their rise to fame makes for great inspiration for any essay. Here’s where these Maryland stars studied before becoming known to the world.

Edward Norton

Hollywood heavyweight Edward Norton has an impressive education under his belt. The actor was raised in the community of Columbia, Maryland, and attended Wilde Lake High School, graduating from the public high school in 1987. After completing his high school studies, Edward Norton went to Yale College, which is known for being one of the best in the country, during which time he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history. While there, Norton also studied some Japanese, acted in the university theater, and took part in competitive rowing. His time at Yale caused his passion for acting to develop, and after graduating from college, he moved to New York to study and pursue a career in the dramatic arts.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Actress, singer-songwriter, businesswoman, and all-round celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith was born and raised in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up in the city with her mother and grandmother, a young Pinkett Smith showed a flair for performance and was enrolled in a range of music and dance classes, including ballet and tap dance! Jada Pinkett Smith then went on to attend the Baltimore School for the Arts, a popular public high school for aspiring actors, musicians, and writers. While studying in the Baltimore School for the Arts, Pinkett Smith made close friends with fellow student Tupac Shakur, and the two went on to have immensely successful careers as popular artists!  

Julie Bowen

Before becoming beloved by the nation for her role on Modern Family, actress Julie Bowen was also a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, the city in which she was born! Growing up, Bowen attended a number of schools in Maryland, including Calvert School, Garrison Forest School, and Roland Park Country School. Once she graduated from high school, Bowen left Maryland to attend highly prestigious Brown University, not too far away in Rhode Island. A real brain-box, Bowen spent the junior year of her undergraduate studies in Florence, Italy, as she was majoring in Italian Renaissance studies. During her college years, Bowen developed her love of acting and was cast in several university productions, and even managed to get independent film roles. Studying at the Actor’s Institute helped take this actress from her roots in Maryland to the televisions of millions around the world!

The biography of these Maryland stars is a testament to the fact that while success can at times be unpredictable, pursuing an education in whatever it is that you love can play an important role in getting you to the top. For a fresh generation of Maryland students aspiring to greatness, delving into these stories is a great way to look ahead and see a future of fame and success!

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