While Washington might once again be floundering on the football field, it seems that the real action is taking place behind the scenes. This is because there are real signs that a new stadium will be built for the football team, and there are even rumors that Washington could be returning back to its old RFK site in Washington DC.

It comes at a time of deep cultural change at the football team. Summer already saw Washington dropping Redskins from their team name as a result of the offense that it caused indigenous communities. This was followed by the appointment of Jason Wright to be the new president of the football team. Wright has already started putting his new business strategies in place as he aims to once again make Washington a force to be reckoned with in the footballing world. 

While Ron Rivera faces the unenviable task of lifting Washington off the bottom of the NFC East, Wright has been tasked with everything from deciding the new team name to engineering the new football stadium. At the moment, hopes are high that Washington will make a long-awaited return to the Robert F Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington DC.

Demolition work at the old site is currently underway and once work is completed next year, it is thought that it could offer a perfect site for the football team. Washington currently plays at the FedExField in Landover, Maryland. While the FedExField boasts an impressive capacity of 82,000, it has faced repeated criticism for everything from the lack of attention paid to public transport to overcrowding as a result of the controversial ‘party zone’ membership system.

As a result, the attendances at Washington matches plummeted to an all-time low of 56,247 in December 2013. Much of this has been blamed on everything from the bad weather to the poor playing performances, but it’s evident that the stadium is one of the least popular in the NFL. With many of the sportsbooks featured at https://www.erfahrungen.com/en/betting-sites/ giving Washington long odds to turn around their barren run of form, it’s evident that a new stadium could be what’s needed to take the football team back to former glories.

The idea has already been laid down for some time. Former Washington president Bruce Allen made no secret of the fact that he wanted to emulate the famous RFK stadium with a new 60,000 capacity sporting arena. However a lease with Maryland state and Prince George’s County will see Washington playing at the FedExField until 2027.

But after this lease has expired, it could be the case that Washington finally return back to where they played football between 1961 and 1996. There remain plenty of obstacles to overcome before this happens. Firstly, the site of the old RFK is actually owned by the US Department of the Interior. This will require Wright to use his business knowhow to get government officials to allow the construction of such a grand new stadium.

The question of funding the stadium is another big issue. There have been suggestions that Washington will have to work with city officials to create special bonds that could provide the necessary funds. Despite such measures, it will certainly be private backing that would form the bulk of the money behind the new Washington stadium. Such a task has been made all the more difficult in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

There are also concerns about creating a massive 65,000 stadium that would only be used less than a dozen of times a year. This has already been addressed through early stadium plans that show how the area could be used throughout the year and that there could even be a moat around the stadium.

Above all, it would be a hugely emotive issue for all Washington fans. The team are once again in the doldrums of the NFC East with another poor record of one win and five losses. While the team managed to get an incredible 27-17 comeback win over the Philadelphia Eagles on the opening game of the season, it’s been back to the usual losing streak since then. But with plenty of optimism about a new team name, logo and stadium, it seems that there’s every chance that Washington football team could soon be flying high again.

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