Congratulations to Calvert County Detention Center Correctional Deputy First Class (Cdfc.) Kiana Brooks; Cdfc. Thomas Commodore; Correctional Sergeant Marcella Conway-Jones; Cdfc. David Aaron Cook; Senior Cdfc. Robert Scott; Cdfc. Erik Snyder for their live saving efforts.

In May, an individual at the Detention Center was discovered in a perilous situation. This team responded quickly and took extraordinary action to save a life. Their professionalism, dedication, and hard work are evident in their concern for those in their care!

Congratulations to you all for this well-deserved recognition.

First row: L to R: CDFC Kiana Brooks, Cpl. Thomas Commodore, Sgt. Joshua Underwood, CDFC Erik Kyle Snyder Back row: L to R: Captain Kevin Cross; CDFC David Cook, CDFC Jeremiah Maksimovic, CD Nichols Morgal, Sheriff Mike Evans and Major T.D. Reece Not pictured: Sgt. Marcella Conway-Jones and CDFC Robert Scott Credit: Calvert County Sheriff's Office PIO / Calvert County Sheriff's Office

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