Westlake High School is hosting the SAT exam in person on Saturday, Nov. 7. Any student who is registered to take the exam at Westlake should follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Students must wear a mask at all times while on campus. This includes the time they arrive on the Westlake campus to the time they leave the school campus.
  • Students must observe social distancing. This includes maintaining a 6-foot distance from all other students and testing center staff while on school grounds.
  • Students must use hand sanitizer before entering the testing room.
  • Any student experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not come to the school to take the exam.

The College Board requires that all weekend testing centers follow state and local public health guidelines. Additionally, the College Board requires the following for any student taking exams at testing centers.

  • All students and testing center staff must wear a face mask or protective face covering during the entire SAT administration. Students who arrive without a mask to take the SAT will not be allowed inside the testing center.
  • During the exam, students must be seated 6-feet apart.
  • Students must complete a verbal health survey to be administered by testing center staff prior to entering the testing center. Any student who refuses to answer the survey will not be allowed to enter the testing center.
  • Any student who violates the testing center guidelines may be dismissed from taking the exam. This includes the cancelation of a student’s score and no refunds will be given.

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