Our Weekly Spotlight on the Arts is shining on Frank Roth!

Frank first caught our eye on Instagram – of the literally hundreds of images that we have viewed his pictures seemed to stand out on their own, sometimes in quite subtle ways. We were fascinated by his striking images of rustic old barns, stunning sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay, historical sites and points of interest, and sometimes just random still life captured with interesting twists.

Roth has created unique titles for every single one of his photos, ranging in themes from a stray cat on a rock, silently posing in “Summer Slumber”, to a “Haunted Roost”, a mysterious building with its very own set of eclectic stories to tell. Frank’s images often serve as a voice for those subjects who speak only through silent languages of light, shading, color, and depth as seen from an artist’s eyes.  

Frank doesn’t mind driving or going off the beaten path to pursue his wide array of subjects. Although sometimes they just seem to “find him”, perhaps presenting as a passing glimpse down a country road, he is always up for a challenge and seeking his next point of interest.  Be it precariously hiking through a thorny field or meticulously crossing a stream, one slippery stone at a time, Frank enjoys the mission to capture the elusive “perfect shot” as he imagines it to be.

Our featured artist has served for 24 years in the United States Air Force which has paved his way for many paths traveled and adventures abroad. Since his military retirement, Mr. Roth has been working as a data analyst which keeps him busy from 9 to 5 but outside of his office hours he has found that a new adventure awaits every single day. Now armed with just his camera and creativity, Frank has found enjoyment with his photography endeavors and creating memories along the way.

Frank also very much enjoys cooking and spending time with his family and friends, both influences which he draws into his work. He has made several “photography buddies” who he sometimes ventures out with, fellow artists to share ideas and inspirations with. Mr. Roth has an upcoming project that he has been busy preparing for as he has been selected to be featured in a multi-artist Photography Exhibit which will run from December 2020 to mid-January of 2021. Scheduled for a six-week run at the Candy Cummings Community Art Gallery located within the Lexington Park Library, details about this show will be announced closer to the date at: www.stmarysartscouncil.com

A big shout-out to our featured artist for capturing the beauty of St. Mary’s County and sharing your images with others, we are very much looking forward to seeing your future photos!

Links of interest:

Instagram: @brialmont_photography (Frank Roth)

(Photos provided by artist).

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