UPDATE @ 9:00 a.m. November 5, 2020

President and Vice President of the United States

Vote for 1

NamePartyEarly VotingElection DayBy MailProv.TotalPercent
Donald J. Trump and Michael PenceRepublican13,5785,3391,372020,28935.4%
Joe Biden and Kamala HarrisDemocratic21,3335,3589,246035,93762.6%
Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Spike CohenLibertarian2821844805140.9%
Howie Gresham Hawkins and Angela WalkerGreen1741092003030.5%
Jerome M. Segal and John de GraafBread and Roses6339601080.2%
Sharon Wallace and Karen M. Short (Write In)DemocraticNRNRNRNR00%
Dennis Andrew Ball (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Barbara Bellar (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
President Boddie (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Mary Ruth Caro Simmons and Sherrie Dow (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Brian Carroll (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Mark Charles and Adrian Wallace (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Phil Collins (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Ryan Ehrenreich and Veronica Ehrenreich (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Randall Foltyniewkz (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Tom Hoefling and Andy Prior (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Shawn Howard (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Johnson Lee (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Susan B. Lochocki (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Brock Pierce and Karia Ballard (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Deborah Rouse and Sheila Cannon (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Peter W. Sherrill (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Jade Simmons and Claudeligh J. Roze (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Kasey Wells (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Kanye West (Write In)OtherNRNRNRNR00%
Gloria La Riva and Sunil Freeman (Write In)UnaffiliatedNRNRNRNR00%
Albert Raley (Write In)UnaffiliatedNRNRNRNR00%
Benjamin Schwalb (Write In)UnaffiliatedNRNRNRNR00%
Edward Shlikas (Write In)UnaffiliatedNRNRNRNR00%
Other Write-Ins114733902260.4%

Representative in Congress

District 5
Vote for 1

NamePartyEarly VotingElection DayBy MailProv.TotalPercent
Chris PalombiRepublican13,6135,2951,513020,42135.9%
Steny H. HoyerDemocratic21,5805,6229,192036,39463.9%
Other Write-Ins4823260970.2%

Judge of the Circuit Court

Judicial Circuit 7
Vote for 1

NamePartyEarly VotingElection DayBy MailProv.TotalPercent
Patrick Devine16,1185,9623,815025,89546.7%
Makeba Gibbs18,3764,6476,394029,41753.1%
Other Write-Ins50421101030.2%

Judge, Court of Appeals

Appellate Circuit 5
Jonathan Biran
Vote Yes or No
For continuance in office

Jonathan BiranEarly VotingElection DayBy MailProv.TotalPercent

Judge, Court of Special Appeals At Large

E. Gregory Wells
Vote Yes or No
For continuance in office

E. Gregory WellsEarly VotingElection DayBy MailProv.TotalPercent

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