LEONARDTOWN, MD – During their Nov. 3, 2020 meeting, the Commissioners approved Resolution No. 2020-46, establishing emergency snow routes for St. Mary’s County.

When the Commissioner President has declared a snow emergency, the law prohibits the parking or abandonment of a vehicle on designated snow routes for the weather event duration. This resolution allows for the safe and efficient removal of snow and ensures the motoring public’s safety.

The Department of Public Works & Transportation, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, and Maryland State Police are authorized to remove a vehicle parked or abandoned on an emergency snow route during a snow emergency.

The following County roads are designated emergency snow routes:

  1. Abell Road
  2. Airport Road
  3. Airport View Drive
  4. All Faith Church Road
  5. Army Navy Drive
  6. Asher Road
  7. Aviation Yacht Club Road
  8. Baldridge Street
  9. Baptist Church Road
  10. Bayside Road
  11. Beachville Road (with South Bean)
  12. Beck Road
  13. Bishop Road
  14. Blackistone Road
  15. Brown Road
  16. Buck Hewitt Road
  17. Bull Road
  18. Busy Corner Road
  19. Cedar Lane Road
  20. Charlotte Hall Road
  21. Chingville Road
  22. Clarkes Landing Road
  23. Clark’s Mill Road
  24. Clover Hill Road
  25. Cottonwood Parkway
  26. Courthouse Drive
  27. Cox Drive
  28. Dr. Johnson Road
  29. Drayden Road
  30. Fairgrounds Road
  31. FDR Boulevard (Maryland Route 235 / 237)
  32. FDR Boulevard (North/South of Maryland Route 246)
  33. First Colony Boulevard
  34. Flat Iron Road
  35. Flora Corner Road
  36. Friendship School Road
  37. Golden Beach (To Tee Intersection)
  38. Golden Beach Road (From Tee to Flats)
  39. Hermanville Road (with South Bean)
  40. Hill’s Club Road
  41. Horse Shoe Road
  42. Hurry Road
  43. Indian Bridge Road
  44. Jones Wharf Road
  45. Joy Chapel Road
  46. Kavanaugh Road
  47. Laurel Grove Road.
  48. Laurel Ridge Drive
  49. Lawrence Hayden Road
  50. Leonard Hall Drive
  51. Lockes Hill Road
  52. Locks Crossing Road
  53. Manor Road
  54. Maple Road
  55. Market Drive
  56. Mattapany Road
  57. Maypole Road
  58. McIntosh Road
  59. Mechanicsville Road
  60. Mervell Dean Road
  61. Millstone Landing Road
  62. Mohawk Drive
  63. Morganza-Turner Road
  64. Mt. Wolf Road
  65. North Shangri-La Drive
  66. Old Rolling Road
  67. Old Village Road
  68. Parsons Mill Road
  69. Patuxent Boulevard
  70. Peabody Street
  71. Pegg Road (with South Bean)
  72. Pin Cushion Road
  73. Primevere Road
  74. Queentree Road
  75. Shady Mile Drive
  76. Smoke Hill Road
  77. Society Hill Road
  78. Sotterley Road
  79. South Sandgates Road
  80. South Shangri-La Drive
  81. Spruce Drive
  82. St. John’s Road
  83. Steer Horn Neck Road
  84. Sunnyside Road
  85. Tallwood Road (Primrose)
  86. Tom Hodges Drive
  87. Town Creek Drive
  88. Trapp Road
  89. Villa Road (with South Bean)
  90. Vista Road
  91. Whirlwind Road
  92. White Oak Parkway
  93. Wildewood Boulevard
  94. Wildewood Parkway
  95. Willows Road (with South Bean)
  96. Yowaiski Mill Road

The resolution takes effect immediately. The Department of Public Works & Transportation will post permanent signs alerting motorists to the newly designated snow emergency routes. Residents are encouraged to take note of these snow emergency routes and make plans before the 2020-2021 snow season.

For information on snow removal and ice control in St. Mary’s County, please visit the County Highways webpage or contact the Department of Public Works & Transportation at 301-475-4200, ext. 1120.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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