To the citizens of District 2 and Calvert County

My fellow Calvert County citizens,

I appreciate being your District 2 Commissioner as well serving all in Calvert County.

As a lifelong Republican who grew up here in Barstow and one who cast my first vote while serving in the Republic of South Viet Nam in 1966 I have witnessed elections both here and abroad.  Tomorrow, Tuesday November 24th, will mark three weeks since our nation’s Presidential Election.  Accordingly, I felt it important that you should know my positon on the post-election situation as its status has become an overwhelming matter of discussion and concern.

I firmly believe that the Presidential election transition process should move forward and that President-Elect Biden’s transition team should be fully integrated without delay in the joint process that is designed to occur to its fullest extent as a matter of post-election protocols.  I support the right of any candidate to challenge a vote count when it falls within qualifying parameters. However, I fully believe the transition process should continue to move forward as a matter of national security and to further ensure a seamless process is in place regardless of the potential outcome of a ballot recount and/or associated challenges.

As a former member of the Maryland House of Delegates and having spent careers in the military, the Maryland State Police as well as serving in the administrations of three governors, the basic responsibility of public safety and the orderly flow of government operations and its services at all levels is imperative. I hope all will maintain a working relationship during this critical time period, thus ensuring our citizens and our world allies that we are capable of leading during any circumstance. Further, to those countries or non-nation state groups this too indicates that we will always stand ready to defend our national interests no matter when or where.

We as a county have many ongoing challenges in which we will need support from the federal and state level, we must continue to move forward. Let us all stand together, as stated in our Nation’s Pledge of Allegiance as “… one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. “

Best regards to you and your families during this Thanksgiving time of the year!



Thomas E. “Tim” Hutchins

Commissioner District 2

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