Our Weekly Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on local photographer Bert Hindman!

Bert has worked as a sports and concert photographer for the last ten years. He first started capturing photos with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs baseball team and then expanded to Minor League Baseball, various sports at the United States Naval Academy, and other events such as roller derbies and professional wrestling tournaments.

In the early years of his career, Bert worked closely with the original Blue Crabs photographer Joseph “Big Joe” Nowak until Joe’s passing in 2018. Despite Big Joe being gone and much missed, Bert still treasures their time spent together and the many skills that his mentor had passed down to him. 

Mr. Hindman’s work at concerts started just a few years ago at the 5 South Event Center in Callaway, MD where owner John Winters provided amazing opportunities for our featured artist to work up close and personal with a wide variety of musicians and band members. In pre-COVID times you could find Bert backstage, frontstage, sometimes even on stage, seeking to capture those high-energy moments of live music.

On any given day Bert strives to find action and emotion in his images, which is a big draw for him to be ever-present at concerts and special events. Still shots of nature and portraits are also in his repertoire but the intensity of live sports and musical gatherings have remained as consistent favorite venues over the years.

Outside of photography, Bert has worked as an educator for over 30 years and has been an active runner for over 45 years now. He has volunteered his time and resources for several charity organizations and also expresses much gratitude to his wife, Carrie, for her support of his passion for photography and artistic endeavors. Bert and Carrie reside in St. Mary’s County with their two fur-babies Lady and Wilson.

Thank you Bert for being a shining star, a proud community supporter, and one of our valued local artists, we look forward to seeing what your next adventures bring! 

Personal quote: “Feed your passion!”

Website:  www.memoriesphotographybyberthindman.com

Facebook:  Memories Photography

Instagram: Bert Hindman

(Photos provided by artist.)

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