As the number of COVID-19 cases risesin Maryland, the state is taking various measures to control thespread. Since last Friday, the restrictions on restaurants and other public places have taken effect. All the indoor services should close by 10 PM, and businesses should only fill the premises up to 50% capacity.

However, many restaurants and bars are already following the protocol and are taking proper measures to avoid the virus’s spread. The main focus is to avoid person to person contact and maintain social distancing without affecting important activities.

1. Succotash

Succotash is located in Oxon Hill on Waterfront Street. The environment has various Asian accents that add to the ambiance. In addition, they have a huge dine-in area where they serve no contact delivery, curbside pick-up, and dine-in. When you visit the restaurant, you will find that they take strict measures to keep their commercial furniture hygienic and clean. That means regularly disinfecting surfaces with effective cleaners.

Furthermore, after each customer leaves their table and heads outside, they clean the area properly so that the next customer receives a clean table. They also shut down operations by 10 PM as per guidelines. They also have an open dine-in area, so if you feel uncomfortable dining in a closed area, you can enjoy your meal in an open environment.

2. Botanero (Rockville)

At Botanero restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious meal whether you prefer dine-in, delivery, curbside pick-up. They have indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. Their food items are memorable and mouth-watering. Recently, they had “Destination Dinners,” where they were offering meals from different destinations to celebrate diversity in the United States. provides them wooden chairs, tables, and other commercial furniture. If you want to dine-in with your family in Rockville, Maryland, while following COVID-19 guidelines, then Botanero is the best place you can visit. They maintain cleanliness and disinfect their restaurant to ensure you have fun with their delicious meals and exciting beverages without worrying about the virus. That is why they reduced their seating arrangement to meet the 50% lesser capacity requirement than last year. Moreover, you can also donate a meal to the local hospital staff with Botanero’s management’s assistance.

1. Maggiano’s Little Italy

Suppose you are conscious about the coronavirus but still want to enjoy your meal outdoors with your family, head over to Maggiano’s Little Italy in Maryland. They are located in Colombia with a huge dine-in area. They only allow a small percentage of customers to dine-in at a time. They also have wooden furniture they can easily clean and sanitize after each table is empty.

They offer delivery and curbside pick-up options also. Hence, if you don’t feel like eating outside, then you can order from them. You will like how they manage social distancing and keep the customers at an appropriate distance. They also have a proper ventilation system to keep the atmosphere fresh. You can sign-up for their E-Club and avail 10% off right now. Simply visit their Facebook page.

2. Magdalena Restaurant

The best thing about this restaurant is that they offer a huge open area for dine-in. You can enjoy Magdalena’s delicious and creative food items in Baltimore, Maryland, and maintain social distancing according to state guidelines. Both their outdoor and inside areas are clean. Before entering the restaurant, they will guide you on what measures you need to take to comply with SOPs and safety guidelines.

They only open five days a week from 5 PM to 9 PM. Although, according to state rules, restaurants should close at 10 PM, they still close earlier. This French-style restaurant is located inside the Ivy Hotel and has wooden furniture that complements the ambiance. The best part about this furniture is that employees can easily disinfect it. Hence, if you visit Magdalena for a dine-in, you can rest assured that they disinfect their commercial furniture to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

3. Grille620

Grille620 is a modern styled American restaurant at Ellicott in Maryland. They offer curbside pick-up. You just need to order online and wait in your car, and you will receive your order in the car. They are also open for dine-in following the precautions for the coronavirus. You can dine inside or outside in the open area. Even in the outdoor dining area, the staff carefully disinfects the commercial furniture to make sure it’s safe for the next customer. Hence, you stay safe while enjoying a delicious meal under the open sky.

4. Dandelion Bistro

Dandelion Bistro also offers curbside pick-up. They do not offer outside dine-in but have a huge dine-in area. They clean their furniture and all the items thoroughly and regularly to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Furthermore, they maintain social distancing by ensuring that the customers sit at a distance. Their timings are also limited from 5 PM to 9 PM. You can visit Dandelion Bistro in Glenelg and enjoy social distanced dinning.


All the above restaurants are open and maintain social distancing and corona-free dining facilities. They follow the state’s guidelines and maintain additional cleanliness and measures to avoid the spread of the virus. They keep their doorknobs, tables, and chairs clean. Moreover, these restaurants use furniture from to decorate their dining areas.They provide the best wooden commercial furniture that you can clean and disinfect easily.

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