Via Hollywood Fire Department Facebook: At approximately 1:18 p.m the Hollywood Rescue Squad 7 was dispatched to the intersection of Three Notch Rd and Widewood Blvd. in California for the serious auto accident. Rescue Squad 7 and Chief 7 responded shortly after dispatch with 5 Volunteers.

While responding, Communications advised that Sheriff’s Deputies were on the scene confirming one trapped. Rescue Squad 7 arrived on location to find a three-vehicle collision with one person pinned. The Squad crew went to work stabilizing the vehicle and begin extricating the pinned occupant with our HURST Jaws of Life.

Once the door was removed, the crew utilized the 40″ spreaders to lift the dash away and free the driver’s feet. The patient was extricated within 10 minutes of the arrival of Rescue Squad 7 and turned over to EMS.

Two patients were transported by MSP Aviation to a local trauma center and the third was transported by ground to St. Mary’s Hospital. Rescue Squad 7 cleared the scene and returned to quarters at 1355 hours.

Captain 3 held the Command with Chief 7 as the Extrication Group Supervisor.

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