Prince Frederick, MD- Calvert Library announces two pending vacancies on the Calvert Board of Library Trustees (BOLT). All qualified applicants are welcome and all candidates will be assessed using the same criteria.  Applications are accepted through December 29, 2020.

The responsibilities of the Board of Library Trustees are established by State Code. The Board is responsible for governance and fiscal oversight; approving library policies and budget and overseeing the work of the Executive Director.

The Board is comprised of 7 community members who volunteer their time and support to the library. Officers include the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Responsibilities include monthly meetings; the board currently meets at 4:00 pm on third Tuesdays. Meetings are currently being held virtually on Zoom but are normally held at one of the four library locations. In addition to regular meetings, there is an annual meeting of the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association Corporation that Board members are invited to attend and an annual Citizens for Maryland Libraries meeting generally held on a Saturday in October.

Service on the BOLT is a volunteer public office with a normal appointment term of five years.  The open terms are partial terms that begin in January 2021. One ends in December 2021 and the other end in December 2022.  Individuals who serve a partial term are eligible for appointment to two additional full terms. As provided for in State law, each term is separate and requires application, nomination by the Board, and appointment by the Board of County Commissioners.  Appointment to a term does not create an entitlement to serve more than one term.  All eligible County citizens have equal access to consideration for this privilege.

Details and a link to the online application can be found here.

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